January 6, 2023

4 Tips to Get Travel Freebies and Discounts

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Traveling can be costly, especially if you don’t properly plan for your expenses. Given today’s economic uncertainties, making your travels and trips more cost-efficient can thus be beneficial. Some of the travel trends the travel industry expects to see this year include people taking longer trips and going on trips more often. On top of that, people are spending more money to go on trips in general. However, this doesn’t mean that your less-expensive trips should be less fun or satisfying. In this post, we’ll discuss four tips to get travel freebies and discounts to help you save on your dream vacations:

Use miles or rewards

Owning and using a credit card can help you reap countless benefits on your travels. Perks like rewards systems can help you build up points and score you discounts and freebies in the long term. Moreover, using your credit card wisely can help you build a stronger credit score. Based on financial literacy trends among millennials, younger generations are disadvantaged when it comes to the length of their credit history. This means millennials and Gen Zers have to build a solid credit profile through their payment history, a mix of credit types, credit inquiries, and payment history. Ultimately, using credit cards when traveling can boost your credit score and help you with non-travel expenses, as well.

Join travel clubs

Joining a travel club — or two, or even more — can help you save on future travels. We’ve previously written about the benefits of joining travel clubs and why they can be a more cost-effective way to travel, especially if you plan to travel a lot. These clubs work on a membership subscription model where companies provide traveling facilities in a single package, often paid monthly or quarterly. These facilities include hotels, conveyance, food, and sightseeing, and the subscription model means you don’t have to pay for every trip. In exchange, you get to travel in groups. You can even discover specific travel clubs depending on your interests and preferences, such as women-only travel clubs or a travel club for those with disabilities.

Know when to book your flight

Like all other aspects of traveling, doing your research can help enhance your experience and even save you from unnecessary costs. Whether you need affordable hotel deals or the best time to book cheaper flights, doing your research can make significant differences to the airfare. For example, knowing that it is cheaper to fly in the middle of the week than on the weekend can help you better plan your trips and ensure you get the cheapest available flight. Aside from knowing the day of the week, it also helps to remember that booking flights as early as possible will most likely be cheaper than booking last minute. A general rule of thumb would be to book a flight as early as three weeks or three to four months before your trip. However, note that this strategy requires you to plan everything else in advance, such as your accommodations and the spots you want to visit. By doing your research on the airfare, you can spend the money you save on other aspects of your trip.

Travel off-season

Instead of going when everyone else is going for the usual holidays, traveling off-season means your destinations will be less crowded, giving you more time and space to enjoy your trip. Another advantage to traveling off-season is that most accommodations and travel companies will often offer discounts or free amenities and services to help sell off-season tickets or slots. For hotels, this may come in the form of a free buffet or spa session. It’s always best to ask your hotels and travel companies if they also offer any discounts or promos that may improve your trip.

Article by JB Hudson for hotelsetc.com

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January 6, 2023


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