August 30, 2019

5 Practical Tips That Help you Travel for Cheap

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Travelling, either for fun or for business can be an incredibly expensive affair if not well planned out. 

Since you are not a resident and you are new to the place you are most probably visiting, you might not be familiar with the cost-effective hotels to sleep in, restaurants to eat and even where to get the best travel deals related to that area. 

Travelling however, can also get unbelievably cheap if you handle it the right way. With a few tips up your sleeve, you can travel and live comfortably on a budget almost around anywhere you choose. We have compiled the expert tips and tricks to help you not just survive while out there, but also get the best quality services ranging from the flight you take from home to the food you eat while on the road.

1. Book your trips early. 

For anybody who has had the need to book a flight, this is an age old trick; the earlier you book your flight the cheaper it gets. 

This calls for prior planning. If you are going for a business trip, it is best to alert your company early to make the booking for you on time. If it is a holiday, stay on your toes and make sure you book months in advance to enjoy those cheap prices that come with this. 

2. Travel during the off-season periods

When the travel and holiday season is low, hotels, resorts and airlines tend to lower their prices to extreme lows to lure customers. Some holiday planners take full advantage of this. You’d be surprised at how cheap holiday getaways and airlines give you hefty unbelievable discounts during this period. 

One advantage of going on holiday during the off-season apart from the low prices is the fact that you get to enjoy the destinations and space all to yourself. The whole essence of going on vacation is to enjoy some peace and calm, and this is the best period since you get to avoid those crowded beaches and parks. 

3. Find suitable accommodation

While travelling, one of the things that will leave a dent in your pockets is accommodation. Finding a suitable place to stay can be nauseating and quite a task, let alone the price tag that comes with it. 

Vacation spot owners and hotel owners know this and they usually want to take full advantage. 

As a traveller, you should however do some prior research and make sure that you find a good place to stay instead of having to make the search when you get to your destination. 

How can you do this? 

You can do this by simply doing a web-search for shared accommodation around your intended area. You can utilize services such as Homestay and AirBnB to find and book a place. Always go for those places with the best reviews and ratings. 

4. Pack adequately

One of the least known travel tips that helps you save a lot is packing well so that you do not have to spend extra money on shopping for items which otherwise you already own but forgot to take along with you.

These items could mean simple things like shaving accessories, clothes, surf boards, phone charging gadgets and any other personal items you could think of. 

The best idea is to have a list of things you need to carry before you leave and go through it just before you depart. If you follow this, you will find that you save not just money but also time you could have spent going to purchase these at the markets. 

5. Join a membership club

All these other tips could be beneficial to you on the immediate trip you are planning, but to experience real long term benefits where you get to save real money see the real difference, you need to join a travel and discount club like Hotels Etc. 

If you are a regular traveller, you need to save up money and get the best discounts out there. 

If you are just a vacationer, you still need these discounts for you and your family. 

By joining a discounts membership club, you get not just a one-time-deal like an airline would offer you but a long term deal. You also get updates on other areas not related to travel. 

Just how does this work? 

A discount membership club basically negotiates deals on your behalf and presents them to you. That’s the sweet thing about it; you do not have to go scrolling through web-pages and lengthy directories searching for discounts and offers. They do this for you, and by paying their membership fee, you are able to access these and much more. 


Whether you are a regular traveller or a one-time visitor, the need to save money is there. You want to enjoy the best services at the best bargain. I have highlighted the best possible ways you can save money and get quality at the same time. 

I hope these expert tips help you moving forward and hope to help you save you more money while on the road. Check out Hotels Etc to discover deals and discounts that are beyond travel. 

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August 30, 2019


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