March 6, 2021

Affordable Travel Club: Then and Now

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The affordable travel club: Then and now

The travel industry is changing fast and you need only look at the
immense competition online in terms of booking engines, suppliers and agencies
offering the latest special offers to see how frantic it really is. However,
for anyone in the know, the landscape in travel is changing yet again and a new
law has meant that the process in finding the best deals have disappeared with
the re-emergence of the ultra affordable travel club.

When thinking about the best way to save money on a vacation, in the
past the natural urge was often to jump online and start searching through the
major booking engines for the best deal. However, the recent introduction of a
law called rate parity has left these booking engines with a predicament in
that they can no longer keep up with the revival and re-emergence of travel clubs and the unrivalled value they
now offer.

Popular in the 1970’s and then forgotten with the arrival of the
internet, Travel clubs are now making a swift return to the forefront of the
travel industry and today, when you consider the best way to save money on a
vacation or how to find the best deal, no longer is it on the major booking
engines where you will come across such deals but rather, you simply find them
with an affordable travel club. Although millions of members have already found
their way to these hotel discounts and vacation offers, the vast majority of
travelers have yet to discover the value of an affordable travel club and the
simplicity of how it works.

Essentially, when you sign up for an affordable travel club like
Hotels Etc, in return for a minimal membership fee, you get instant access to
the best discounts for vacations, hotels and more. In fact, rather than just
finding a good price, you will often come away with anywhere between 40 – 60%
off the original cost. Understandably, it can be a little confusing for new
members to see these incredible discounts for the first time with such a
significant difference in cost but this is where the real value of joining an
affordable travel club lies. In this case, Hotels Etc has a close relationship
with so many suppliers that it negotiates the biggest discounts and relays these
savings on to their travel club members.

As with any sector, the tourism industry has been through a cycle
and whereas the best way to find travel discounts was through booking engines
in the past, the torch has recently returned to affordable travel clubs who are
currently offering the biggest discounts and special offers on anything related
to travel. In fact, not only does a travel club now offer the best price for
your next vacation, weekend or overnight stay, but it also provides the most
streamlined and smooth booking process to ensure you get exactly what you need
at the lowest possible cost and without any inconvenience. Visit Hotels Etc. to learn more about affordable travel clubs. You can also learn more on their social media walls.

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March 6, 2021


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