July 2, 2024

Why You Should Look for a California King Bed When Booking Your Hotel

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Why You Should Look for a California King Bed When Booking Your Hotel

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Whether you’re going on a short city break or a weeklong overseas vacation, your accommodation can make a significant difference in your overall travel experience. If you’re thinking about booking a hotel, a previous post entitled ‘The Insider’s Guide to Making the Most Out of Your Hotels Etc. Experience’ can help you maximize discounts and benefits through a number of ways. These include booking in advance, looking out for seasonal offers, and signing up for exclusive deals as a group.

Beyond leveraging the perks that come with being a Hotels Etc. member, another practical way to ensure the best hotel experience is to secure a room with a California king bed. Your choice of bed can play an essential role in creating an environment conducive to sleep and relaxation, so here’s why you should consider a California king size as the ideal bed option for your next hotel stay.

Spacious dimensions

A notable advantage of choosing a California king bed is its generous dimensions, providing plenty of space for sleeping, watching the television, or simply lounging around. In a Forbes article comparing the California king vs. king mattress, it’s worth noting that a California king bed — also known as a Western king — 72 inches wide x 84 inches long. Meanwhile, a standard king size measures 76 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Despite the California king being slimmer, you can still comfortably share it with another person. The additional leg room also benefits individuals who are over 6 feet and are otherwise unable to fully sprawl out and stretch on other bed sizes. The extra space can be helpful for those who simply want to add pillows or personal belongings to their bed without feeling cramped. Overall, a California king bed fits nicely in hotel rooms that are square or close to square in dimensions.

Luxurious appeal

If you’re not booking a master suite, a standard king size bed can dominate the space and thus throw off the entire room’s visual balance. In contrast, a California king bed fills the more adequately and maintains the room’s visual proportions — ultimately creating a sophisticated appeal.

The luxurious feel of this type of bed can also be represented by the wide range of chic designs for California king bed sets. As shown on the furniture website Living Spaces, California king beds can provide a sense of style and harmony with surrounding furniture like nightstands. For example, the Pierce bedroom collection evokes a sleek and modern look with its clean lines and natural hardwood material. Meanwhile, the Porto storage bed can instantly transform a space with its upholstery and integrated drawer functionality.

Improved sleep quality

Sleep quality is crucial for any traveler, so you must ensure that the hotel bed of your choice guarantees adequate comfort and support. Besides the generous space that allows you to sleep in any position, various types of mattresses made of comfortable materials like memory foam and cotton fiber are available in California king size.

This level of comfort and convenience is further enhanced when hotels use high-quality bedding. For instance, the luxury bedding collection by Brooklyn Bedding features rayon fibers derived from bamboo and can accommodate higher-profile mattresses in Twin and Cal King sizes for optimal breathability, temperature regulation, and cooling comfort.

In summary, a California king bed can be a perfect choice for your hotel room due to its spacious dimensions, luxurious appeal, and level of comfort. Take note of these benefits when booking an accommodation for your next trip.


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July 2, 2024


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