May 11, 2022

Car Rental Discounts

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The price of a rental car changes a lot throughout the year, so finding out when is best to book is essential.    Discover when you can get the best deal on a rental car.

You can rent at the terminal when flying into a new city. However, this convenience can be costly.

Compare the rental prices in the city with what you get at the terminal. When renting away from the airport, consider the cost of sharing a taxi or car to and from the rental location.

Economy cars are usually the cheapest, so they are most likely to be booked. You can use this to your advantage.

Make sure the vehicle isn’t too small for your party, or you’ll be cramming five people plus luggage into a two-door coupe. Not precisely the cozy vacation you expected.

You will usually be charged a daily fee to add an extra driver to your rental car. Enterprise and National Car Rental typically charge $10-15 per day, while Budget and Avis charge $15-20 per day, but the rates vary by location.

Your primary insurance will cover you when you rent a car if you own a car. Carless Millennial Generation: Let your family insure you as a driver. It probably won’t cost you anything extra if you have a good driving record.

In addition to our already great base price, the Hotels Etc offers great car rental discounts for big savings. Whatever your departure date or destination, Hotels Etc, has great car rentals are waiting for you at great rates. Check in to Hotels Etc to find out how you can save even more with one of your car rental discounts before booking your next trip, vacation, or business trip.


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May 11, 2022


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