May 5, 2020

Club your travel with travel clubs

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for motivation and incentive

Clubs formed solely for the purpose of
travel designs are travel clubs. With travel and travelling on the upswing in
today’s life, every concept and device available to make it comfortable and yet
stay in one’s budget is thought of. One such concept is of the travel club. Companies
today, consider gifting holidays as the best form of motivation for their
dealers and employees. They bestow this privilege on their customers as a value
added service or on their employees as incentives. This is where travel clubs
step in. They cater to the needs of such corporates in arranging these benefits
by providing discount packages, competitive rates for accommodation in hotels
or simply issuing free holiday vouchers for a stipulated period of time.
Companies and corporates delegate such promotional activities to travel clubs
that take care of their requirements with the best budgets in mind.

of hosting in travel clubs

Another concept of travel club is when
people prefer the age old tradition of entertainment; in the comfort of homes.
Travellers get to stay in homes of travellers like themselves for a small
gratuity. The hosts are likeminded people who enjoy the company of people,
sharing their homes or communities. Such people prefer houses to some
impersonal hotels or a crowded beach resort and would happily set camp in a
former kids’ bedroom or the guest room of the host. The working of such clubs
is done by issuing of a directory to all members that lists the cities and
localities of members. When a member determines the city he wants to visit, he
can contact the member who can arrange what he wants or needs. If any special
needs are to be covered he should inform the member in advance. On arrival, he
should present his membership card to the host and pay the gratuity fixed. The
house rules can be discussed and you are ready for your stay. There are some
limitations to this kind of travel, you can stay only for a few days, you
cannot travel in a group and you have to respect the host’s terms and
conditions. But despite this, even if some restrictions are to be followed when
it comes to staying in a house, it is the perfect arrangement for single
travellers or couples who like to travel frequently within their budgets. 

with travel wings

There are some clubs that have a travel
wing which concentrates on arranging trips on a regular basis for interested
members. This wing is devoted entirely to travel and members can enjoy
travelling to different places all over the world without having the hassle of
planning and organizing.


Many travel clubs cater exclusively to
travel needs of customers. The needs could be a hiking expedition, a hunting
expedition or a wild life tour package. Customers even have needs as quirky as travel
for the purpose of partying. Such party centric trips also form part of many
travel clubs agenda.


With so many travel clubs offering a wide
range of services and programs, customers have a wide range to choose from and
the best competitive rate to clinch and carry out their travel plans
comfortably. If you are looking to join a travel club, then visit Hotels Etc as it seems to be the top club.

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May 5, 2020


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