May 16, 2022

Cruise Discounts

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Cruise vacation planning looks different than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Before the coronavirus outbreak, the cruise industry was at its peak.

The cruise lines ended discounting a few years ago, so rates for specific cruises should be roughly the same everywhere. However, this does not mean you can’t qualify for legitimate discounts.

Most cruise lines, especially in the first two quarters, lead to some good savings and possible upgrade opportunities. As more and more cruise ships begin to sail, much of the pricing opportunities available will diminish, so it’s time to plan and book. Reliable travel consultants specializing in cruises know the best deals and options for their clients.

You can also find cheaper cruise fares if you can book a sailboat that leaves in the spring or fall when most families with school-going children can’t travel. Therefore, cruise lines often have greater availability and lower prices. Cruising during the hurricane season—June 1st to November 30th—is another option. These months are considered shoulder season in these regions, so if you’re willing to travel, this is a great time to find big savings.

If you’re looking for discounts on luxury cruises, it can be difficult to find last-minute deals. “In the luxury segment, much demand is stagnant in the industry, as seen in ships worldwide that run out of stock within hours.

Luxury liners aren’t great for last-minute cruise deals, but often there are special offers on the website. Hotels ETC offers cruise discounts on fares, special discounts, and other benefits. The perks are discounts on spa services, photo galleries, excursions, complimentary minibar setups, priority disembarkation, and access to the Platinum and Elite lounges.




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May 16, 2022


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