January 19, 2023

What Facilities Can You Expect When Opting for CUG Hotels?

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Are you planning a vacation any sooner? The one common thing that everyone looks for when planning a vacation is deals and discounts on hotel bookings to have a wonderful stay at a reasonable price. It is when customers look for CUG (closed user group) hotel discounts to take advantage of the customer facilities provided by the hotels. A Closed User Group is a group of people who become part of the membership program by fulfilling some criteria, including being actively opted in, accessing the group with a password-protected login, having a member profile, and making at least one prior booking as a member of CUG.

CUGs are generally used in agreements between online travel agencies or agents and hotels as exceptions to the rate parity clauses, which state that the hotels are not eligible to undercut rates given to the OTA directly on their websites.

The most common mechanism for availing CUG hotel benefits to customers is to provide them benefits under hotel membership clubs. Customers can become a part of CUGs by complying with a few regulations. For a customer to avail of CUG hotel benefits, you must have a minimum of one un-discounted booking before becoming a closed user group member.

How is it better for customers?

Customers after becoming a part of CUGs enjoy cheaper rates for hotel bookings. But placing them behind member logins prevents the hotels to provide the best user experience for guests who want access to the cheapest rates upfront. That is why some hotels choose to display their member rates directly in the search results of the membership based websites they are involved with.

There are numerous facilities and benefits provided to CUG hotel customers that will amaze you. Customers who are members of CUG can make hotel bookings in a few clicks while actively using CUG hotel membership programs. It makes the customers eligible for member-exclusive benefits, bets discounts, and offers across hotels and other amusements. CUG hotel membership avails customers the facility to buy instant hotel tickets with various amenities and amusements during their stay.

How do hotels benefit from CUG guests?

CUG membership programs are notConclusion

Becoming a member of CUG hotels would be the best option to avail of exciting discounts and benefits on your hotel bookings and have the vacation of your dreams with cozy stays and exclusive services. Avail members-only benefits in a few clicks by becoming a part of CUG hotel plans.

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January 19, 2023


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