April 27, 2020

Disney Park Hopper Offers Discount: 30% Off

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Visiting one
theme park isn’t enough? Park Hooper is going to give you the opportunity to
visit four Disneyland theme parks in one day. Park Hooper will take you to four
great Disneyland theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood
Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you buy this package from Hotels Etc,
then you will have the chance to get a 30% discount. You will visit these theme
parks by Walt Disney World Transportation. It will be a great trip for you and
your family. Four theme parks have different attractions so you will definitely
enjoy those places.

The Magic
Kingdom Park will take you to the Disney storybook fantasy world. Children of
all ages will be thrilled to be there and have the opportunity to experience
their storybook fantasies in real life.

The Epcot is
a place that is combined with high technology and Disney imagination. You will
be able to experience two distinct worlds and culture: Future World and World
Showcase. Both of these worlds will give you the thrill and exhilaration.

Hollywood Studios will take you to the stage of rock ‘n roll fantasy to
Broadway-style stage spectacular. You will have the chance to be the star of
your own stage in this adventure.

And finally
The Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will visualize the Disney Kingdom that comes
from the storyline. The place is full of entertainment, excitement and
adventure. You will enjoy a lot with your friends and family in this theme park.

So you can
see that you will have a great opportunity to enjoy four of these exclusive and
fantastic theme parks of Disney. It’s not that easy to visit four theme parks
in one day by your own so this package would be really helpful. Plus don’t
forget the exclusive discount offer that they have offered.

If you want
to redeem this discount offer then click
here for more details. Please remember
that only the members of Hotels Etc will have the 30% discount rate.
Non-members can have this high rate so if you are still not a member of Hotels
Etc then register as soon as possible. Visit our
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April 27, 2020


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