April 1, 2021

Dollywood and what you should know

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Dollywood, home to Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, The Country Fair, The Dollywood Express, and many more amazing and exciting activities, just got a lot more exciting for the entire family! Most families take vacations once a year to the usual, average, and boring locations such as the beaches in Panama City or a select few campgrounds in a national park. Why waste your time going to these average locations when you can enjoy the vast American culture by riding rides, going to classic carnivals, and even soaking up the sun at a water park! Take a vacation of a lifetime and leave no regrets behind when going to one of the United State’s most popular tourist attractions!

Deciding on where to take a vacation can always be a rocky ride destined for failure. The whole family has to take time agreeing on a place to go, what to do, and how to get there. And as well, if you add in all the extras such as restaurants and hotels while trying to please the whole family, it can get tough. You need to find a location that suits the entire family and has activities that pertain to everyone, at all times. That is exactly why DollyWorld is the best place to go for a family vacation! The park offered a vast selection of things to do to fit the whole family’s needs and will leave no one feeling left out.

The most popular attraction, The Dollywood Express. The Dollywood Express has been the main attraction to DollyWorld for a long time. Its classical train ride takes you back to when trains were the main way of transportation. Many people nowadays don’t ever step foot on a train their entire life! According to Wikipedia, there are over 93,000 miles of unused railways in the United States alone. Trains are increasingly becoming more obsolete in the means of transportation of people as the years go by. Trains are used for the transportation of goods across the United States mostly. However, if it’s for the transportation of people, it’s mostly in larger cities. It’s hardly ever in small, rural towns. So getting on this ride gives you a chance to feel the breeze blowing as you wind through the Tennessee mountains. For some people, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The ride takes you around the vast Tennessee mountains and gives you a fresh and thrilling dip into the wilderness. The ride may last about 30 minutes, but it will surely be something to remember for a lifetime. And the main advantage of this attraction, the whole family will love it. Kids, adults, and even elderly people can all participate in this ride, for it doesn’t involve any walking, just sitting!

Another great attraction at this amazing vacation location is the Barnstormer. Located in the Owner’s farm section, the ride is a visual representation of what a $5.5 million ride gets you at this vacation of a lifetime. It has a height limit of 4 ft, so most of the family should be able to hop on and go for a swirl! The ride, based on stunt planes from the late 1900s, takes you flying through the air close to barns and other buildings to simulate what the pilots felt back in those times. The ride centers around one large pole that runs horizontally across the top. It holds two total carts of people that swing by each other making the ride seem even faster! According to Dollywood itself, it states, “Channel your inner pilot” meaning that you will soar through the sky at insane speeds. The ride gains speed as it goes on, and ends with you at the very top, and within seconds sends you going down just as fast as you went up! This ride is great for the entire family because once again, it doesn’t involve very much walking.

And lastly, one of the most exciting attractions of all, the Tennessee Tornado. Being one of their first major rollercoaster expansions, it brings fun and excitement to the entirety of the amusement park. This ride takes you through an actual Tennessee mountain range. On one of the drops, it sends you going down at speeds nearing 70 mph! This ride is sure to get all the kids and even adults excited to be on vacation. On the website, it states, “this triple spiral-looping coaster makes you feel like you’ve landed inside a funnel cloud.” Hints the name, Tennessee Tornado, this ride is sure to make you feel like you have landed inside of a tornado. The most highlighted part of the ride, the loop. The loop on roller coasters is said to have some interesting effects on the human body. It’s said that all of the human body’s senses are stimulated when we go through a roller coaster loop, this is why it is so exhilarating to experience such an amount of joy in such a short amount of time! This ride specifically is said to have one of the best loops in all rollercoasters across the United States, who doesn’t want to experience joy?

With all that being said, why waste any more time? Stop delaying your vacations because of simplistic reasoning and not wanting to suffer the stress of not knowing where to go. Winter, Summer, Fall, any time of the year is good Start taking vacations of a lifetime more than the regular once a year, and to a vast set of locations across the globe. Make Dollywood your next go-to vacation trip, and be sure to check out the Dollywood Express along with all the other fun activities! View the Hotels Etc vacation savings site to get a discount on this trip as well as many others!

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April 1, 2021


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