Motivate Your Team with a Modern Rewards Programs!

Company swag, clothing, and gift cards aren’t enough. Give your employees the gift of travel and entertainment.

One Site Up To 2 Million Discounts.

Are you interested in learning more about a world-class organization that will bring high satisfaction to your employees and makes a difference to your bottom line?

For the price of a few movie tickets, a sweatshirt, or a week of your favorite coffee, you can provide your employees considerable savings locally where they live, on vacation, or even abroad. Hotels Etc. are all about motivation; it is why we created a modern 21st-century rewards program.

We are Hotels Etc. We have sold over 4 million memberships through partnering with private citizens and companies and have saved our members over two billion dollars. We have an A+ BBB rating as we offer unique, premium memberships by providing unprecedented discounts. Up to 70 % discounts on hotels, cruises, dining, theme parks, rental cars, travel, and movie tickets. These discounts stem from our specialized, world-class negotiating.

We are now offering premium memberships to businesses large and small as an employee benefit.

If you are looking for an exciting and innovative way to motivate and reward your employees look no further. Let us show you how your employees can save on travel and entertainment and how we can even reduce your travel business expenses. This benefit is unique as it keeps on giving all year long.

Discounts for twelve months can motivate and inspire your team. With greater satisfaction, you can retain top talent, improve productivity, impact your workplace culture, and reduce the cost of onboarding and absenteeism.

Our unconditional guarantee: If your company or employees do not save, we will refund the cost of your membership. We are currently holding the membership price for 2022 at 2020 prices.

Retain Your Top Talent

We make it easy to recognize outstanding performance and shape your culture

If you would like to learn more, please call or email for additional details. Hotels Etc. will respond to your query promptly and arrange a convenient time to share more information.

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