March 8, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Hotel Discounts?

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Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Hotel Discounts?

Accommodation cost is a huge part of a company’s entire travel spending. However, corporate hotel discounts allow you to save money on hotel costs. Just like any other travel service provider, hotels offer their clients a significant discount. Usually, this discount is around 10% but with negotiation, you can get a better deal as much as 70% off.

How corporate hotel discounts work

The hotel corporate rates are negotiated ahead of time between the hotel and the company via the organization’s travel manager. Right after the negotiation, you can enjoy the benefits through a corporate discount code. While sorting your hotel booking, you can insert your corporate hotel discount code. During the check-in, the travelers might be asked to show some kind of identification to prove their association with the company.

These rates will be applied throughout the year or could only be available while booking the stay during business days. All this ultimately depends on the negotiation between a company and a hotel. In some cases, employees can utilize these discounts while traveling for personal reasons. Corporate hotel discounts allow a company to save money. Furthermore, it allows you to adhere to your company’s travel policy. Corporate hotel discounts often provide additional perks such as flexible cancellation and loyalty points. You can exchange these points for free nights as well as add-ons.

How to find the best corporate rate hotels

In large companies, the responsibility of finding the best corporate hotel discounts falls on the travel manager. They have an understanding of the company’s travel requirements as well as the budget.

Here are some of the tips to get the best corporate hotel discounts:

  • You can work directly with a business travel agency as they have access to the best corporate rates of hotels. They may charge for their services however you will still end up saving a lot of money. You can also join a membership club that specializes in travel discounts such asHotels Etc.
  • If you find the most suitable hotel or hotel chain that is likely to meet all your present as well as future business travel requirements, you can make all of your bookings with them. This will allow you to grab some incredible rates and discounts.
  • Make a contract for a fixed number of room nights. This also requires a clear idea of your travel needs. You can opt for a fixed number of nights for a year in which you are likely to require hotel rooms.
  • Don’t forget to consider the last-minute rates as the last thing a hotel wants is empty rooms. So if you can take the risk, book the room when your arrival date is near.

Bottom line

Corporate hotel discounts are not just for corporate giants. Small businesses can also enjoy great discounts while booking hotels. As a small business, by saving on hotel bookings you can increase your revenue by reducing hotel costs.

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