August 19, 2020

Free Hotel Advertising

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One of the biggest obstacles hotel owners face is marketing
and bringing in new guests. Hotels typically rely on traditional marketing such
as newspapers, hotel coupon books, magazines; T.V, radio and etc. however there
are ways in which a hotel can reap serious benefits from free hotel
advertising. This article will break down the difference in traditional
advertising versus free unique advertising. You can always go to google and type in “free hotel advertising”
to see all the options available.

Traditional advertising begins with your staff researching the
right marketing avenue to ensure you get your highest ROI. After they conclude
their research they did have to create an ad for their marketing campaign. Most
hotel owners typically include a coupon in their advertising to encourage the viewers
to take action and to make a discounted reservation. During the process a few
things occur. The first thing that occurs is the owner must pay for that
marketing. If the hotel owner provides a discount then the second step occurs
they have to discount their reservation. So essentially they are paying to give
away a discount. Lets say for example you find a publication to promote your
hotel and the cost is $1000 for the ad. You know have a $1000 in your marketing campaign. Then the end users see
your ad and bring in a coupon for a special discount so not only did you pay
for your ad but you continue to have an expense with each and every person that
uses your coupon. Lets say that you are providing 20% off hotel reservations
and lets pretend your room rates are $100 per night. That is $20 per
reservation that you are losing because of your marketing campaign. Now lets
pretend that 100 people made reservations with your 20% off coupon. You are now
looking at an extra $2000 in discounts so your marketing expense went from
$1000 to $2000 because of the discount you were offering. This type of
marketing can be quite expensive for the hotel owner and could put the hotel in
a bad situation.

There are several free advertising sites on the internet
that you could use to offset the initial $1000 expense, however not all of the
free advertising sites will bring you in a steady flow of reservations. That is
why Hotels Etc. in our opinion is a great fit for any hotel or any business on
the globe to obtain free advertising that will continue to bring you in a
substantial amount of business. Hotels Etc. is a private membership club that
serves millions of travel members around the globe. Members of Hotels Etc.
typically book via the Hotels Etc. platform before they look anywhere else for rates
which create repeat business for your hotel/business on a regular basis. It is
100% free advertising for Hotels or any business to list their business within
their directory, the only requirement is that you need to provide members with
a discount not available to the general public.

We will now break down the same scenario as we did with the
paid advertising. By listing your hotel or business in Hotels Etc. you
automatically save the $1000 ad expense. The only expense you have is the
discount. So lets pretend that you give 20% off to the public via your
traditional advertising and with Hotels Etc. you will give 30% off. This is
only an extra 10% off the discount which will take 200 reservations at 30% off
to equal the same expense you had on your traditional advertising. One of the
biggest reasons that businesses should submit their business to Hotels Etc, is
that you will get repeat business. Most of the hotels that participate with
Hotels Etc. typically receive a ton of repeat business because Hotels Etc.
members typically revisit the same locations over and over again if they are
issues a great discount.

It only takes a matter of minutes to be listed in front of
millions of potentially new customers and the best part about this type of free
advertising is you can control your listing or end your listing whenever you

To get started with free hotel advertising visit

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August 19, 2020


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