October 24, 2019

Fundraising or starting a fundraiser

Hotels Etc.


Supplying non-profit companies can be a fairly lucrative way to sell Hotels Etc. part or full-time. In order to get started, you first should compile a list of all the service organizations in your trading area. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. A good source is the local Chamber of Commerce, though often their lists are outdated, this is not necessarily bad, they will give you a list with past presidents names that you can contact and they will put you in touch with the present president.

Upon reaching the responsible club member, give them a fast overview of Hotels Etc., and make an appointment to meet them. Remember that these people are small businessmen who volunteer their time to the organization involved and are usually quite easy to talk to. The normal procedure in a club is that they are broken into committees. After your initial meeting with the president, he or she will usually put you in contact with the chairman of the fund-raising committee.

Remember again that these are volunteers. They will not be able to devote as much time to sales as you might like, so when you are presenting this program, allow approximately 30 days to receive a return. Tell the club that instead of selling the standard chocolate bars or cookies, holding auctions, garage sales, wrapping paper, or carnivals, all of which they put in innumerable hours on and have been known to ultimately lose money on.

You can provide a program that will be of real value to the customer. Hotels Etc. memberships really do save people money. Unlike most products you will use to raise funds, we will not charge you up front to purchase the product (non-profit companies only). Hotels Etc. is a partnership between you and I. We will provide the memberships to you on a consignment basis. All you do is sell the memberships, take orders, then call us and we will deliver the needed memberships to the person or company designated by you. So if you negotiate an agreement with Xyz School then you would take the order, contact us and we will blind ship the product to Xyz Company. Funds are paid before shipping so be sure to collect from your client when placing the order.

If you are a non-profit company such as Schools, Churches, Hospitals and Etc., we can forward an applicant to you to determine if we can pre-ship the products to you on a 30 day invoice (or as agreed upon).

We currently offer two level of membership cards including an annual membership as well as a lifetime membership card. Based on previous experience the Annual membership card seems to be the most powerful for non-profit organizations and can generate you a residual income year after year. www.hotelsetc.com/fundraiser

Not only is Hotels Etc., very valuable to non-profit companies but also membership clubs, employee benefits, and customer incentives. Visit www.hotelsetc.com for more information on how we can assist your business beter. Be sure to visit our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/hotelsetc

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October 24, 2019


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