January 2, 2021

Hotel Discount Card

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are many ways to reduce costs associated with traveling, but one of the easiest
ways to get better lodging rates is by having a
hotel discount card. While
not everyone is looking for the best deal out there, for those whose budgets
require it, discount programs can be quick and affordable options.

benefits of signing up for a hotel discount card program is that you can
typically use the discounts at a range of hotel options, as opposed to
membership or loyalty programs that are specific to a specific chain. This
allows you to shop around for the best mix of value and quality in your
destination, instead of limiting you to who you are directly signed up with.

discount cards are popular with businesses that have lots of travel needs, as
they can give greater flexibility for employees. Similar to an employer’s
health insurance plan, by essentially guaranteeing an increase in the volume of
number of travelers, these programs can negotiate special rates with hotels
around the world. The convenience of this kind of program often far outweighs
signup costs that may be associated with it for many companies.

are similar programs out there for individual travelers who may want the
convenience and flexibility that a hotel discount card offers. These can range
from programs with a fee, to free programs that offer promotions based on
season or other factors. For example, many discount programs will offer the
traveler an additional night at a substantially reduced cost, or offer to
include meals or activities that would usually cost extra.

hotel discount cards are offered as incentives with other membership programs.
Certain accredited professionals may have access to discount cards through
licensing agencies, and members of business organizations are typically offered
substantial discounts for specific events.

The Internet
is another great resource for finding hotel discount cards. There are a number
of sites that give you links to coupons or codes that are linked to special
promotions. Not all hotels will accept these, so it’s important to do your

Of course,
many hotel chains have now partnered up to offer loyalty and membership
programs that allow you to use a hotel in any of the member chains. This is
particularly useful if you travel a lot to locations that may only be served by
one hotel chain or another. Rather than have to keep a lot of loyalty program
numbers or remember logins, these partner programs allow you to keep a range of
options in one place.

Using a
hotel discount card is a great way to access tremendous savings at a variety of
hotels, and you may already be a part of a program that offers you one. Always
be sure that the hotel you want to stay at accepts your discount card, and check
any requirements that may come with using the discount. Whether you are
traveling for business or pleasure, with others or alone, don’t let hotels
break the bank, and find a hotel discount
that works for you. 

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January 2, 2021


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