September 5, 2020

Hotels Etc, will help you exceed your fundraising goals

Hotels Etc.

Everyday companies are selling millions of products through
fundraising and at the same time generating billions of dollars along the way. Non-profit
companies such as, youth organizations, charitable fundraisers, churches, cancer
societies, health groups and several other types of organizations are raising
money year after year by simply running fundraisers. However each year the struggle continues by
trying to find the right product to raise the amount of money they need. Most
fundraisers typically resort to wrapping paper, cookies, donuts, stationary, or
local fundraising cards. View our amazing global discount card.

The biggest issue with local discounts is that they only
give you discounts at local establishments and most of the time it is only a onetime
use. Hotels Etc. provides your supporters with discounts around the globe,
including local discounts. Each member receives unlimited access to all the
amazing member benefits 365 days per year without restrictions. Typically most
of the local fundraising cards you supply to your supporters do not benefit
their lifestyle. The only reason they even decided to support your fundraiser
is because it was a child, niece, nephew, grandchild, neighbor, or child’s
friend. Now imagine trying to raise funds and tap into a market with a product
that is purchased only because of local support? You don’t have to worry about
that with Hotels Etc. because our product is bought, not sold!

Regardless if you are within your circle or if you reached
out to an untapped market, Hotels Etc. is a product everyone wants needs and
deserves. Your organization should do all your supporters justice by supplying
them with a product they can use and not throw away and one that you can
generate residual income year after year!

With Hotels Etc. your
supporters can save as much as $500-$1000-$4000 off their entertainment/vacations.
Your supports will not only have access to the lowest travel discounts on the internet
including Hotels, Cruises, Car Rentals, Vacations, Flight Packages, Vacation
Homes, Condos but they will also receive discounts on all their entertainment,
including movies, shows, sport tickets, concerts, bowling, attractions, clubs, camping,
restaurants and more for 365 straight days. Imagine after experiencing
discounts like this. What do you think will happen? They will renew! That means
you generate residual income by offering a product they need, want and deserve.

If you are looking to start your very first fundraising
campaign or if you have been raising money for years now, Hotels Etc. can help
you increase your donations and help reduce your time with our online purchasing
system. You can collect donations via direct sales with your existing group or
you could simply send an email to your database so they can purchase their discount
membership card.

Our process if very simple! You purchase our membership
cards at wholesale and resell them throughout your network and you keep the
profits, we do the rest. Accept
donations of $20-$30-$40-$50 or even $60 per year, year after year!

What are you waiting for? Visit
learn how Hotels Etc. can help you raise your needed funds.

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Hotels Etc.

September 5, 2020


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