February 29, 2020

Hotels- Go for that discount

Hotels Etc.

Hotels – Go for that discount!!

away from home

For frequent travellers, a home away from
home is a hotel. Such people, who almost always tend to live out of a box, need
a place of comfort, relaxation, one that they can look forward to return to,
after their day’s work. Then, there are hotels that are always a choice of
boarding and lodging when people plan a holiday.

to be made

True, choices in hotels today are far and
wide. Every place on the map; be it a remote village, a cosmopolitan town or an
urban city boasts of having hotels that are a far cry from the one room- one
fan- common bathroom accommodation provided in the olden days. Today, not only
the upper class but middle class people also make travel a part of their annual
or even bi-annual activities.

in the game

When trips and travel are on such a rise,
hotels spring out competitive rates while promising the best accommodation. But
obviously the deciding factor on the choice of hotels by the customer will be
the rate. The best rates, the best deals and the best discounts- these are the
most sought after factors in choosing and deciding on the hotel.

and hotels

Discounts and hotels go hand in hand. While
the customer goes about inquiries on the best discounts available on hotel
accommodation with various sources such as travel agencies, word of mouth and
advertisements in the newspapers or magazines and travel brochures, the current
source that is hugely popular is the information obtained online.

the key to comparative study

The internet, being a hub of informed
study, has access to a huge and a variety of hotel bookings. Comparison for the
discounts available can be easily done and the decision to book can be made
tempting if hotels support their discounts with certain add-ons such as
complimentary breakfast, extra mattress, sparkling clean bathrooms, satellite
cable connection, an organized tour by the hotel, spa facilities, a big screen
facility and choices of movies if customers want their fill of celluloid
entertainment, various activities like tennis and badminton for recreation,
swimming lessons, a pool side arrangement of tables for dinner, games to liven
up the evenings, play area for children; to name a few. Food is one essential
part of one’s holiday. No holiday is perfectly enjoyed unless good food is on
board. So care and attention should be given to the items on the menu that
tickle the taste buds. 

of attractions

All additional attractions should be
highlighted by hotels in an appropriate way so as to be able to catch the
customer’s eye. The descriptions and pictures should have an edge to be able to
lure potential consumers. The deals portrayed should seem the best in the
business and the customers should end up feeling that they have got the best
hotel discounts at the lowest rates and that they have got the best rate to
beat all other online rates. 

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February 29, 2020


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