March 29, 2020

How to become a Hotels Etc distributor

Hotels Etc.


Are you planning to start a business or trying to expand the
existing one? If you are new to the business field then it’s quite difficult to
blend into the commercial world. Hotel Etc has the perfect idea to start your
business or expand it. You can be a distributor and Hotel Etc will be happy to
help you out.

You may want to know what Hotel Etc does. We are the contract
holder for private coupons, discount offers and savings. We have a direct link
to the suppliers. All our members get a huge percentage of discount and other
promotional offers which can’t be accessed by general people. Our members enjoy
over 70% discount offers and various coupons. They get BOGO theme parks, less
rent in hotels and discount offers in travel and entertainment expenses. We
have our own membership club to make sure they receive all the offers.

We have membership cards for each member but the corporate
office tries not to sell them to general people. The only way to hand it to our
member is to purchase from a distributor via the website we provide or a
referral code the distributor created. Our offered fields are these:

 *Travel Package

* Hotels discounts          

* Spa, theme park, movie ticket discounts

* Flight Packages, Cruises, Campgrounds, Restaurants and

Now you may think what you have to do and how we are going
to help you. The process is very easy. We will teach you how to sell and
distribute Hotel Etc membership cards in different places. You can sell it on
both online and offline; radio, telemarketing, direct mail and other methods
can be used.

We have a wide range of membership cards, each of them have a
different level so you can target all kinds of people. You will be happy to
know that, most of our discount offers are globally accepted so you can market
the membership cards around the world. You will buy our membership cards at
wholesale and resell it to your customers; get all the profits and become a
great distributor.

Don’t waste any time and contact us. We have different distributor packages to choose from. So you can pick your option which suits you the best. Visit
our website:  and get started. You will become a great
distributor in no time.

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March 29, 2020


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