June 27, 2020

How to find movie theater discounts

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Have you ever wondered why movie prices are always so high?
Have you ever searched for a good discount on movies besides a matinee and found
them to be few, far between, or falling short of a significant bargain? What
most of us do not know is that for the first month or two of screening, money
from ticket sales goes directly to movie studios. Theaters rely on concession
stands to make the majority of their profit. That’s why concessions and
services bring with them such a hefty price tag. Popcorn costs almost nothing
to make. This nuisance will worsen soon, as the nation’s No. 1 chain of movie
theaters, Regal Entertainment Group (RGC), goes public. In an initial stock
offering led by Credit Suisse First Boston, Regal expects to raise $284
million. Most of it will go to repay debt. But a chunk is earmarked for Regal’s
plan to turn its theaters into a satellite-linked digital network for showing
ads every bit as sharp as those we see at home on TV. These terms also suggest
that public investors will be paying a premium for something that they can find
a lot cheaper elsewhere.  On top of that,
Consumers can buy a DVD player for approximately $40 USD or less and a DVD
rental for as little as $1.50 USD. Popcorn and soda for a family costs about
$10 USD when bought at a supermarket or convenience store. That’s $54 USD for a
family movie night at home, plus there’s not charge for gas or parking. Since
the family now owns the DVD player, the next movie night may cost about $14
USD. Blu-ray™ player prices have dropped as well, to less than $100 USD for
some models. With comparisons such as this, it’s no wonder that it’s harder
than ever to enjoy the theatre experience. And yet, as hard as it is and will
become to receive a discount on movies shown in theatres, there are some
options that the consumer can consider. Since movie showing rights for theatres
is service they must pay for, they cannot offer substantial discounts for their
showings to the public.

This is where private
membership programs
(such as Hotels Etc) can flex a little muscle. These
programs offer theatre companies to sell vacant seating in their theatre
without having to post a discounted price to the public, allowing them to
confidentially receive a profit without having to drop their prices to the
entire showing. The smart consumer will take full advantage of these incentives
by signing up with one of these discount programs, but choosing the right one
can sometimes be difficult. Hotels Etc can simplify that decision as we offer
much more than just discounts on movie showings. All you have to do is sign up
and start searching our discount engines to find excellent savings on tons of
goods, services, and recreation. We offer some of the best discounts on the web
because for over 20 years, Hotels Etc has been working to provide its members
with discounts not available to the public by taking the hassle of haggling for
a good discount yourself out of the equation. So if you are looking to have a
great time at the movies or anything you do this summer, consider Hotels Etc
for your discount provider and start enjoying you hard-earned dollar. How to find movie discounts

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June 27, 2020


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