July 18, 2020

How to get discounted travel

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Discounted travel

We often are asked how do I get
discounted travel because the golden era of cheap travel is over due to rising
oil prices and bankruptcy of several companies has decreased the competition
among airlines and now we spend more than 80% of our expenses on trips for
travelling. So it’s important to save some money so that we are able to spend
some money on our trips as well. Here are few tips so that we can have a
discounted travel and so save some money buy planning our trip smart.

*Try to plan your trip wisely-
airline ticket aren’t static and keep changing throughout the year. You will
have exorbitantly high travel rates on dates near holidays such as Christmas,
thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Also the ticket prices are costlier at the
weekends than the weekdays. Furthermore, flights at night or early morning will
be cheaper than the flights during the day. Planning your trip wisely would let
you get a good discounted travel.

* Try travel websites- websites
such as Kayak or skyscanner.com will show you the flights available on your day
of travel and by browsing such websites, you can compare the rates of the
airlines and thus you will be able to get the discounted travel rates by the
airlines. So always check these websites before you book your tickets to save
loads of money on airline travel. You can also realis that flight prices at a
months or two gap will be cheaper. So book your ticket early and you will be
able to have a good discounted travel.

* Secondary airports- major
cities will have more than one airports. The main city airport will be having
the maximum traffic and there will be secondary airports which will have many
budget airlines flying because these airlines would cut the cost on landing
costs and other costs. Flying by these budget airplanes will be essential on
your discounted travel.

*Alternative routes- Sometimes
it’s cheaper to travel to a place by hopping rather than going there directly.
If you have to travel to Madrid, taking a flight to London and then taking a
budget flight to madras may be cheaper than going directly to Madrid. This
would need a lot of lookup on the internet but if there is a significant
difference in prices between travelling direct or via, then the latter would be
better budget wise.

* Student discounts- if you are a
student, you can get a ticket at a discounted rate. Directly visit the website
of the airline company ad you will be able to read the conditions of getting a
student discount on travel and if you are fitting into these conditions, then
you can have a good discount.

* Frequent flier program- if you
are a frequent flier then you can sign up to a frequent flier program. Most of
the major airlines offer such a thing. It works in the way that if you travel
by the same airline carrier over a period of time, then you accumulate points.
These points on maturity can be exchanged for free flights, upgrades and also
companion tickets. But one thing you have to make sure is that you travel by
the same carrier only, then you will be able to enjoy discounted travel in the

* The big issue is once you
arrive to your destination how do you get the best hotel discounts? You can
search the OTA’s (online travel agents) like Exedia, Travelocity and ETC,
however you will be paying retail rates and not receive any special discounts.
If you are planning a trip and you want to secure the cheapest hotel rates then
we encourage you to check out sites like Hotels Etc. membership club. Companies
like Hotels Etc. spend a lot of time negotiating discounts for members that are
not available to the public. You can typically see a savings of up to 80% off
the public rates. There are other membership clubs on the net, however most
membership clubs are limited to the inventory they can offer. Hotels Etc. has
over 500k properties around the globe and typically has availability on each
property 365 days per year. If you are serious about saving money on your
travel then visit https://hotelsetc.com


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