May 21, 2019

How to get movie discounts

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Watching your favorite new movies in the theatre
is an amazing experience especially if you are a cinephile. Every weekend new
movies are getting released of different genres and categories. But going to
the movies is not a cheap habit. Anyone who goes to see movies in cinema knows
that movie ticket prices are always inflated. Movie theatres are notorious for
overpricing tickets and stuff like the concession stand items. While we cannot
help you with expensive candies, we can give you tips and advice on how to get
affordable movie tickets. We will list a few ways you can see movies in cinema
for free or for extremely cheap rates.

  • Free Screenings: Many times, companies plan free
    screenings before the official release. These free screenings are a way to
    market the movie so that you will talk about it online and give it free
    marketing. You can sign up with many free screening websites to get alerts for
    your favorite upcoming movies.

  • Weekdays: Since movies are released over the
    weekend, it makes sense for people to see it then. But if you do not have a
    tight work schedule and can take time out in the middle of the week, then you
    should consider going to see a movie on a weekday. The prices are considerably
    lower, and there are many deals or promotions you can take advantage of.

  • Drive-In Theatre: Movie theatres have expensive tickets,
    but you end up emptying your wallet since there is no other way to see a new
    film. But there are drive-in theatres that screen new movies in almost half the
    price of one regular movie theatre ticket. You can also enjoy the open
    atmosphere of a drive-in theatre while saving a lot of bucks.

  • Pre-Matinees: Matinee shows are usually very
    affordable, but you can catch even better discounts and deals before noon. Just
    go to see a movie at pre-matinee showing and grab an “early bird”
    discount so you can save money while also enjoying the movie at a time when
    there are no distractions.

  • Memberships: Many companies and organizations offer discounts on movie tickets or
    free tickets for their members. Like Hotels Etc ., if you are a member of any
    such group then ought to know what benefits you get and if discounted movie
    are included.

  • Bulk Up: Many theatres like the AMC offer
    discounts if you buy tickets in bulk. Buying two or three tickets at a time
    will cost you more than buying 20 at once. If you go to the movies a lot, this
    will be beneficial, or you can split the cost with your group of friends.

  • Rewards Cards: The new trend of rewards cards has
    taken off, and many theatres are using it to attract more and more customers.
    You can get one from your favorite cinema and use it to get free movie tickets,
    or even concession stand goodies. Theatres like AMC and Regal provide this
    offer for their loyal customers so grab one of your own now.

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May 21, 2019


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