July 30, 2020

How to get the best hotel discounts

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Hotel Discounts

For every person who wants to go for a personal travel or if
you are a business travel planner, it’s always desirable to get good hotel
discounts for a hotel stay. Also during the day, it’s possible to have rate
cuts. Hotel discounts cannot come by accident but you have to do enough
research for you to get good discounts on hotels unless you are part of a membership
club. You just have to be a savvy customer and few smart tips while reserving
hotels, you’ll get to stay in pretty decent hotels at discounted rates.

* You can use the membership of educational and professional
organizations to get hotel discounts. Many hotel chains would give out
discounts to military members or government servants and even student. Go to
the reservation desk or the website and search for the any such discounts that
you may be eligible to avail. If there is such a discount, then go to the
reservation office of the company and show your ID proof which is required for
the discount and then you will be able to reserve a discounted hotel.

* There are a lot of travel websites such as Expedia which
lists you the discounts available at various hotels. Over the websites, you can
filter out the hotels according to rates and thus get some good discounted
hotels however keep in mind that you are paying public rates. If you are looking
for deeper hotel discounts you might want to consider a hotel membership club
like https://hotelsetc.com

* Stays at the same hotels multiple times can earn you a
membership into the hotel’s frequent traveler. The advantage of having this
membership is that you will earn points on each visit to the hotel and you can
later exchange the points for a discounted hotel fares. It also has various
other perks with it. A membership would allow you to arrange corporate meetings
in the hotel and get priority booking of any kind of hall that’s present inside
the hotel or anyplace else which is coordinated by the hotel you are staying

* Check newspaper for good deals as many hotels would place
advertisements of any ongoing discount that they are offering to people.
Regional magazines are newspapers will run such advertisements. Never lose such
an opportunity as such hotel discounts won’t last long and are only for a few
days. You can accordingly plan your future trips according to the discounts

* Try booking your reservation to the hotels directly from
the hotel’s website and not any third party source. This is treated as a direct
booking and the reservation will be on the record. As you will be on record,
you will be time to time treated with special discounts. Hotel also would often
provide hotel discounts for member organizations exclusively through their
sites and it isn’t available elsewhere.

* Membership clubs – There are several membership clubs on
the internet however you have to be sure to do your due dilegance before you
decide to join one. Some membership clubs may cost you thousands of dollars to
join and once you join you can access their private discount database. Just be
very careful when joining a membership club as some companies are only
partnered with select hotels and the discounts might not be as good as you
think. One of the most sought after membership clubs on the market today for
hotel discounts and more is Hotels Etc. With over 1,000,000 online and offline
discounts in their system they are able to accommodate pretty much any type of
traveler. Visit Hotels Etc. today at https://hotelsetc.com or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wp7exHQsrM&list=UUfvOj0rU2kEP4_rQS8mXjFw and watch this video that shows you how much of a discount you can get as a member.

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July 30, 2020


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