October 12, 2021

How to take and plan a road trip

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 Road trips are something that most people know about even if they have lived under a rock. It is the cheapest option in most cases, even though it can take a while. The average road trip is about 6 hours, but sometimes taking a super long one can save a ton of money and be super fun! Road trips can be a great way to spend time with family, friends, and even meet new people along the way. All the sights you see and the things you discover add up and become a lifetime of memories that you can tell your children, work friends, and people you surround yourself with!

    One of the largest and most overlooked benefits of taking a road trip is that they are covid safe. You are in the car the entire time, and if you stick to specific activities like hiking and mountain climbing, you avoid most contact with people by maintaining social distancing. You don’t have to worry about going into a restaurant and having to wipe off the table or stay away from people. You don’t have to worry about going into a hotel and wondering if they are clean or not, and you most definitely don’t have to worry about going on amusement park rides and catching something.

Stories can go a long way in life. Not only do stories tell about something in an immersive way, but they teach lessons to young people and even old! Stories have been around since the beginning of human existence and are one of the most common talking points among every age range of people. Road trips are a great way to discover new things and experience a lot in a short amount of time. Do you ever think about one of those amazing stories older people in your life tell you about and wonder, “Man, why don’t I have awesome stories like that to tell people in my life about?” It’s because most people don’t get to vacation enough! Road trips are an amazing way to get in a lot of lifetime memories and most importantly, stories. So if you want to know how to afford a trip across the US

    Another reason to take a road trip is mental health. Everyone knows that mental health has been a huge issue for the recent things going on in our world. Even before that, mental health has been something that has been ignored by many for a long time. It’s looked down upon, or people think it’s odd to face these things or have these thoughts. With today’s world living mostly in social media and other virtual worlds, mental health is something that has been on the decline for a while. Taking a trip for self-reflection and to get closer to the people you love can be beneficial. Not only for yourself, but you also never know what someone else is going through. They could be depressed about something going on in their life and you don’t even know about it. Road trips allow people to be close and get to talk. Whether it’s talking on a late-night ride through a state or talking on a hike, road trips can force people to open up to each other and express some built-up emotions that could potentially impact them negatively if not talked about.

    And last but not the least, a huge reason to take a road trip is to open your mind to new ways of life. It’s not that often that we get to take a trip like this and be forced to make quick decisions if a hotel or campsite is booked, or about where to stop to get gas when you are about to run out. It helps enlighten your mind and keep you on your toes because you don’t know what is around the corner. A lot of times in today’s time, we get caught up in our life. Humans are creatures designed to seek comfort. Comfort is great, it’s a great way to live your life, to a certain extent. Seeking discomfort is proven to have a lot of better effects, and lead to a longer life led by people that live this way, at least occasionally. We forget how to live for ourselves and how to not depend on anyone else. A road trip is a perfect time to make sure you are on your toes and are always ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

    So why not take a road trip with some family and friends for your next vacation? It’s cheap, reliable, and fun for the entire family! And with Hotels Etc, you can get discounts on car rentals, restaurants/dining, and even campgrounds if you decide to stop and take a hike! Click here for more information.

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October 12, 2021


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