April 13, 2019

Looking for cheap hotels?

Hotels Etc.

If you are like most families right now is the time of year you start looking for summer vacations. Not only are you looking for that perfect vacation but you are also looking for cheap hotels or travel discounts.

As a consumer you have a few options that you can select from and we are going to explain those options below.
1. Travel sites and booking engines. You can do what 90% of the world does and go to the public hotel booking engines and hope that you are getting the best hotel discount. Keep in mind that these companies increase their fees with booking fees, commissions, and etc, so each company is in charge of their own increase. If  you are wanting to use booking engines, then we would recommend searching multiple sites to ensure you are getting the lowest hotel rates or travel discounts.
2. Travel agents. You can call a travel agent and have them plan your vacation and perhaps so a few dollars on your trip, but this service is more for convenience because they also add their fees, commissions and etc. If you plan on using a travel agent be sure to ask what their commissions and fees are.
3. Travel Club, or membership clubs. This seems to be the best option if you choose the right club. Not all clubs give you what they promise and not all clubs can save you money 100% of the time. However if you find the right travel club then you can have access to some major discounts. Lets take for example, Hotels Etc. and lets compare them against the first two options. Why is Hotels Etc different?
A) They negotiate on different rate codes which gives members deeper discounts
B) They do not add commissions, fees or booking charges, you get what they pay because they make their profits from the membership club.
C) The rates on not available to the public which means partners can give a discount and be rest assured that their discount will not be plastered all over the internet. They remain behind lock doors in what is call a closed loop program which requires members to login.
Once again a travel membership club will not save you money 100% of the time but if you can save just half your money only 50% of the time wouldn’t it be worth it? To learn more simply visit our site for hotel price comparisons.

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April 13, 2019


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