February 26, 2021

Make huge savings with Hotel Membership Programs

Hotels Etc.

Do you visit nearby cities once or twice a
year? Maybe you wish to take one this year? What about vacations – the
Caribbean, Hawaii, New York or Vegas?

Whether you take trips for business or
pleasure or any of the above reasons, it’s likely you stay at hotels from time
to time and the reason we ask is because there is now an easy way to make huge
savings on hotels in the US and abroad in the form of Hotel Membership

There was a time when you could simply log
on to one of the many major booking engines and sort the search results to find
the lowest priced room but those days have long gone. Today, new legislation in
the tourism industry has meant that these booking engines are required to
advertise the same price across all channels of distribution and these laws are
significant as they now mean that websites such as Expedia or Orbitz no longer
have the lowest price on the market. It’s likely you have never heard of this
before and this is exactly what the tourism industry wants, for if the truth be
told, these major travel companies no longer hold the keys to the bargains,
deals and discounts in the tourism industry.

So who does hold the key and where can you
find the hotel discounts which are no longer on these booking engines? Hotel
Membership Programs.

Hotel Membership Programs do not restrict
you to booking any particular hotel chain, they do not cost you each time you
avail of their service and they do guarantees you the lowest price, every time.
Popular in the 1970’s, the most prominent Hotel membership program in the US is
Hotels Etc who have more than 4 million members and over 20 years of customer
satisfaction. They may have returned quietly to the market in recent months but
for anyone who has been fortunate to find them, these incredible Hotel
Membership Programs are providing hotel discounts of up to 70% for domestic
trips or travels abroad.

You see, when this above mentioned
legislation was passed, there was one exemption to the laws of rate parity who
is now providing the biggest hotel discounts to their members. Hotels Etc, the
forerunner of all Hotel Membership Programs, is taking huge strides in the
industry once more and offering an incredible amount of value to their members
in return for a once off, minimal membership fee. Easy to use, quick and
entirely hassle free, searching for the best hotel deal or vacation offer has
never been more simple than with the Hotel Membership Programs, Hotels Etc. As
if this was not enough to convince would-be members to sign up, you need only
take a free trial to witness the incredible deals and value on offer for such a
small fee.

Whether you are taking a
weekend break or an extended vacation, a business trip or a short escape, Hotel
Membership Programs are the best way to make savings on your travels and for a
reliable first time experience, you can do no better than visitingwww.hotelsetc.com

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February 26, 2021


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