July 24, 2019

Movie Discounts

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If you love movies, another thing that you’d know is that
movie theater are not cheap nowadays. They have become really costly thanks to
the multiplex culture. And the food in the theatre is ridiculously costly these
days. Movie theatres don’t make the discount or any coupons readily available,
so there is no chance you can actually get to watch movies at a cheap price unless you know how to get movie discounts.
You can use some of the tricks below to gain access to movie discounts.

* Price club membership- if you have a membership card such
as a Costco or something similar, you can easily get movie discounts if the
movie theater is affiliated to your club card. Also you can also find that
sometimes gas stations and some grocery stores would offer tickets at a cheaper
price than the theaters. Another way is by having a credit card cash backs.
Often many banks offer special credit cards which will have some agreement with
some multiplexes and would offer good money back up to 10% per ticket if bought
via that credit card. You will be able to get good movie discounts via these

* Buy at the theater- buying online tickets will be very
costly as compared to getting directly at theater. Websites would charge about
$2 more as a service charge, thus your tickets are more expensive. Better go to
the theater a little early and save some money.

* Avoid the snacks- snacks including popcorn and nachos are
incredibly overpriced and we can’t do anything about it other than avoiding it.
And if you are going for a purchase, then don’t buy small portions of popcorn,
buy a large popcorn, it’ll be more cost effective. Better alternatives is
eating prior to going to the theater for movies. Before the Show Time, visit the
local burger joint and have your favorite burger rather than paying ridiculous
prices at movie theater. There are some programs such as Hotels Etc. that gives members great movie discounts and concession discounts.

* Group deals- websites such as Groupon sometimes offers great movie discounts however you have to look at the terms and conditions because the tickets will have strict terms. By getting these coupons, you
will get good movie discounts. You can use these coupon code while you book
your movie tickets online to get good discounts which is generally a percentage
less than the usual price. Although you will have to pay a little more as
convenience fees.

* Bulk booking- if you are a large group who are going for a
movie, don’t buy the tickets separately. Buying tickets in bulk can be much
more advantageous as many theater provide movie discounts if booked in bulk.

* Loyalty programs- there are a lot of loyalty programs by
theater like Regal Cinemas chain. If you’re a loyal customer, then the movie
theater offer lots of coupon and discount cards for you from time to time.
Often they would provide loyalty cards and you would gain reward points when
you go to movie. You can exchange these points for movie tickets and other
things like snack coupons.?

Last but not least is you can join a discount membership program that not only gives you great movie discounts but you will also receive additional discounts on travel, entertainment, recreation and more. Visit www.hotelsetc.com for more information.

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July 24, 2019


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