December 11, 2020

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A large number of movies have been released
in recent Months which were anticipated long before this year even began. Unsurprisingly
the US Box Office reported record profits alongside these releases as Black
Mass, The Martian and Straight out of Compton continued to take the film
industry by storm.

This was obviously great news for the
producers, directors and cast alike but there was even further joy for the consumer
this week when Hotels Etc announced even more Movie Theatre discounts for their

Is this really news worthy? Of course it is
and let us explains why.

We all know that it now costs just as much
to go to the Movies these days, as it does to have a night out in the city with
friends. It’s not just the Movie ticket you need to pay for, but also the
parking, meal, drinks and popcorn. This may still seem of little importance to
be adding up these minor costs but when it totals $30 or more a visit, it would
seem that going to the Movies is now an investment to be thought about for most
people, as opposed to a spontaneous midweek outing.

When you consider the even higher cost of a
family trip to the cinema, it’s almost shameful that these traditional carefree
nights at to movies are fast becoming less frequent. The reality is that people
just can’t afford it anymore.

What if we told you there is an easy
solution in which you didn’t have to pay these high costs?

What if we told you that you could not only
save on the cost of a movie ticket but also your meal?

What if we told you that there is a
membership that gives you discounts on almost everything you can think of; from
movie theatre discounts to restaurants, travel and Cruise vacations?

Hotels Etc is a company doing exactly this
for their members. Thanks to recently introduced laws, most online companies
are unable to offer the discounts they provided in the past but Hotels etc,
being an exception to the laws of rate parity, are now filling the hole left by
these businesses and fast becoming a consumer favourite in the process.


It just doesn’t make sense to pay full price
for services or products anymore when you can simply avail of the best movie theatre
discounts which Hotels Etc have negotiated for their clients. They have a
rating which is higher than most banks and with 20 years of trustworthy
clientele behind them, it seems there really is no valid reason at all for not
signing up to receive these great online movie discounts.

Even if you were lucky enough to
afford your weekly trip to the movies, Hotels Etc will still be the best
website you sign up to this year because think about it; for the cost of going
to see Black Mass, Straight out of Compton or The Martian at the movies this
week, you could have signed up with Hotels Etc and gone to see all three of
them for the same price. Join
Hotels Etc
. today.

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December 11, 2020


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