August 9, 2020

outhwest Vacation Discount Hotel Packages

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Southwest Vacations is a big name in the industry. Their customers are always singing their praises due to the fantastic travel packages they have to offer. Southwest Vacations caters to all your travel needs when going on vacation. From the moment you start planning it, till the moment you come back home. All of the steps in the process are handled by their team of experts who ensure you have the best travel experience of your life. Going on vacations may seem fun but planning the trip, booking hotels and flights, renting cars, and coming up with a detailed itinerary is a very tough task. And especially if you are travelling with family and kids.

That is where Southwest Vacations comes in to help. They contribute to making your hotel bookings, get you the best flight timings, customize an itinerary for your vacation plans and more. They know that not every client wants the same kind of holiday which is why they customize it to your needs and even budget. Their vacation packages include cities across Mexico, US and the Caribbean. You can get the best vacation deals for some of the best vacation spots in the world with Southwest. 

Even though their vacation packages and deals are quite incredible and save you a lot of money, Hotels Etc. have even better discounts on those packages. You could save even more money by using the discounts at Hotels Etc. With Hotels Etc. you can save up to $150 on your flight and hotel bookings. There are also discounts on flight packages. Southwest offers flight services to all the destinations that Southwest Airlines takes its departure from. You can:

?       Save up to $30 on a package worth around $750 to $1,500

?       Save up to $75 on a package worth around $1,501 to $2,000

?       Save up to $100 on a package worth around $2,001 to $2,500

?       Save up to $150 on a package worth around $2,501 or more

These discounts are unpublished and not up for public use online because they are exclusively for members only. Hotels Etc. is a site that makes it certain their customers and visitors get the best discounts on the internet. You can compare the rates anywhere online, and you will see that the discounts are best on all the sites. Hotels Etc. Makes sure you get to have the best vacation and time no matter the prices. 

To be able to avail these discounts and deals on the Southwest vacation packages, you would have to sign up to become a member of Hotels Etc. The process is simple as you just have to go on site and register for their membership. Once your membership is in effect, you can then enjoy fantastic discounts on flight packages and vacation packages all according to your requirements. 

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August 9, 2020


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