September 16, 2019


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    What comes to your mind when you think about a pet? Cats? Dogs? Goldfish? Monkey? Just but a few of many animals that have been domesticated by proud owners worldwide. In today’s world, many are keeping various animals other than felines (cats) and canines (dogs) as their home companions. From raccoons, snakes, lizards, insects such as spiders, parrots, pigeons to tamed creatures of the wild like lions, tigers, cheetahs, crocodiles and alligators; these creatures as much as they are treasured the can pose a threat to the welfare of people who are not in tuned to relating to such creatures of Mother Nature.

So, there’s a holiday coming up and you do not want to leave your trusted beloved non-human companion at the hands of not-so loving people. For those familiar with travelling alone, it is stressful just to get a passport approval to another country, let alone getting one. A few guidelines can help a first-time pet traveler get prepped before things decide to need troubleshooting halfway to vacation land. It’s not easy but with the right guidelines, you shall be able to sip your favorite drink with your pet chilling by your side after this whole process is done.

  1. Your pet’s travelling crate

For the safety of your pet during the flight, a crate is required to place your pet in it as protection from harm or wander. Get a crate that fits your pet perfectly. Your pet should be able to stand upright, turn and or move with ease. Get your pet into crate training before flight day like weeks before.

  • Contact your Local Vet

Make a date with your local vet for vaccination and overall checkup of your loved pet. Here, you will learn about certain requirements that your pet needs to get a pass into your destination country of choice. These include collar tags, microchips for identification, blood tests and vaccinations.

  • Getting the right documentation

 Pet Relocation is a website that keeps country requirements of pets updated weekly. Then, visit your local vet for some key documents as you both discuss any health-related questions you may have.

  • Breed bans

It will be painful to learn at the airport that your pet is banned for entering your destined country. Check online if your pet qualified for entry into that country.

  • Pets not Cat or Dog

Such animals such as rodents or apes (monkeys and chimpanzees) may not be allowed to their country of origin (The country that its owner is a citizen of). Such a case is with the US where these animals cannot be allowed back even though they left the country with the owner.

  • The Inevitable

Sometimes things go bad and unfortunately, your pet dies during the flight. An autopsy will be done at your costs though. Sadly, you won’t be given your pet’s remains after that.

Closing Words

No matter what you may be worried about the safely of your favorite creature, things always go well at the end of the day. So good luck with the traveling plans and may your pet enjoy every moment it the process.

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September 16, 2019


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