September 21, 2022

Should You Purchase a Travel Club Membership?

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Should You Purchase a Travel Club Membership?

The short and sweet answer is Yes! Travel club memberships offer various benefits to frequent travellers and saving money is just the first good reason. Travel clubs have existed for a while. They have been present in some kind since the 1960s, providing getaways, trip planning, and exclusive benefits to travellers all around the world.

Travel clubs have emerged to meet the various demands of all different types of travellers and offer a wide range of services through their membership programs. Membership clubs offer many benefits that are not included in standard travel packages. Travel is a lot of fun, especially if you have membership in any reputed travel club. The ease of planning and chances to go out and explore the world is made possible by today’s travel clubs. Membership clubs also give peace of mind by assuring travel club members of their safety, health, and access to medical care along with accommodation, food, and sightseeing.

Befits of purchasing a travel club membership

Members of travel clubs and loyalty programs received benefits including early check-in, airfare miles, upgrades, and loyalty points in exchange for an annual membership fee. It’s similar to having a subscription to adventure to be a member of a travel club. A travel club member may obtain benefits like these in exchange for an annual fee and commitment:

  • Travel Planning
  • Booking and Reservations
  • Personalized Itineraries
  • Carefully Selected Activities and Events
  • Concierge Amenities and Services
  • Flexible Cancellation
  • Travel Insurance Policies
  • Group Traveling with Like-Minded People
  • Membership Exclusive Discounts and Offers

A travel club may provide simple services like group discounts, and tailored itineraries or more luxurious options like private jet trips around the world, depending on what you’re looking for. You may have to pay a monthly, annual, or multi-year fee to join a travel club, depending on your membership plan and benefits.

Every travel club has a specific format for membership that is based on two things: time and cost. Before deciding on a specific membership program to offer, Travel Clubs conduct extensive research into consumer habits. Therefore, if you run a travel agency and are interested in providing the same to your clients, you already know that the Travel Club has done the necessary research.

The majority of travel clubs provide flexible membership options with a selection of membership plans to meet the needs of different types of travellers. For instance, they might provide accommodation, a cabin, or a villa for a set period of time. The time frame can be a week, a month, or longer. The biggest advantage of joining membership clubs is that they are not location specific, and you can switch locations or trade for a longer period as per your membership plan.

A travel club might be the best option if you’re ready to travel but want to leave the planning to a pro or if you’ve found a fantastic exclusive destination you just can’t accommodate. There are clubs available for every budget and level of benefits for both individual travellers and businesses. Contact us at Hotel Etc. for your one-stop wholesale travel solution and know more about membership clubs.

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September 21, 2022


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