December 4, 2020

The Travel World is Changing

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Travel Deals: The Time That Changed The Travel World
There was a time when a Membership club was not just the best way, but the only way to get discounts when it came to travel or most other services. Travel agents and the online world managed to change all of that for two decades but the recent introduction of “rate parity laws” has resulted in a complete reversal of this trend.
Unfortunately most people do not even realize this has happened and if they did, they could be saving a lot of money for doing so.
The laws of rate parity have essentially meant that travel companies, brands or businesses are no longer able to advertise the big discounts or offers that made them so famous. This is relatively new in terms of travel news but it might now explain to people who have been wondering why the price of flights, cars, hotels Etc are now the same, regardless of which website they are checking.
Simply put, many of these websites are now under the same Umbrella corporation and they are all restricted from offering the reduced prices they once advertised (i.e. and are owned by Expedia).
Thanks to heavy resistance from the affected Travel companies, it will take time for this news or change to reach the general public but sooner rather than later, it will become obvious that there is no way to find genuine travel deals on these popular booking engines anymore.
The rate parity laws were in essence, bad news for most Businesses, but not everyone and certainly not the consumer. The reason being that these new laws allowed for some renowned, legitimate and trusted Membership clubs to rise back into popularity with the very customers who made them so famous in the 1970’s.
Hotels Etc are the prime example of this rise from the ashes as they continue to re-establish their connection with the travelling consumer, by offering them the discounts which are no longer available from the famous travel brands. Hotels Etc may sound unfamiliar or unknown to many of today’s generation but actually, they have been around more than 20 years and with 4 million registered users, they have also retained a trusty triple A rating for their respected services.
The reality today is that customers use the online market to find a better deal than they would in person but another reality is that, due to the new rate parity laws, they are now looking in the wrong place. These places are the renowned branded travel websites which have made online travel booking so popular. These websites are usually reliable in that they make your reservation but if it is genuine value, travel deals or discounts the customer is looking for, then the only trustworthy way to find them is by signing up for a membership with a trusted business such as Hotels Etc.
Many people saw the day coming but many more still do not realize it has already happened. There was a time when signing up for a membership with a website like Hotels Etc was not just the best way, but the only way to get travel deals as history repeats itself. To learn more about Hotels Etc. visit

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December 4, 2020


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