February 22, 2020

Travel Made Easy With Discounts

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Travel made easy with discounts



Discounted travel is very popular with
travellers who usually have a shoe string budget and looking to economise their
travel in every way. When travelling with this in mind, you want to look up
discounts on hotels and fares. While many hotels have affiliations with many
travel lines for a package, many travel companies also come up with the
choicest of discounts.

travel and miles

When looking at discounts on air travel,
you can come across many deals. If you are booking a few months, say three
months in advance, the discount is higher. If you are booking both hotel rooms
and hiring a car, then the discount is offered as a package. If you are a regular
traveller, you earn miles and accordingly get a huge discount on the air
fare.  Many airline companies have a tie
up with hotels and you can also get a free hotel stay along with your air
travel if you have enough miles on your card. The mileage benefits even extend
to car rentals and credit card purchases. Members can wait and dine in the
airport lounge for a discounted fee on the food and beverage. They can also
upgrade from economy to business class provided they have the relevant miles. Some
airlines offer free travel too as a reimbursement on the mileage points.

travel discounts

Railway travel is another category of
travel that offers discounts in various ways. They issue cards on which you can
accrue points by booking with them. Spending on railway cards to purchase
railway tickets help reduce the railway ticket price. This card can be used to purchase
fuel and other lubricants and thus save on transaction fees. You can accumulate
points on the card by using it for dining and shopping too.

portal and discounts

Travel portals give details of various
discounts that come with packages of travel and hotel combinations and are a huge
success. These discounts vary from season to season with year-end discounts
been the biggest. Portals have tie up with various industries such as aviation,
shipping and hospitality companies for long term discounts that help travellers
meet their budgets. Portals are able to give discounts due to the fact that
they have tie ups with some these companies. Portals then advertise about such
tie ups in various mediums such as print media, internet sites, visual media
such as television and cable. Portals that have purchased these discounts in
bulk are then able to sell these at a reduced price.

offered by card companies

Credit and debit cards are another sector
where huge discounts can be availed and accrued. Spending through cards on
shopping, dining, buying groceries, fuel etc., help card holders ensure that
they accumulate points, credits that can be utilised for discount travel. Fuel
cards also help card holders accrue points that can help them buy travel
tickets at a discounted price. Besides credit, debit and fuel cards, discount
cards are being issued by malls, big clothing stores, book stores to gain
points that will help card holders buy travel tickets at a discounted price.
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February 22, 2020


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