March 12, 2019

Vacation Discounts

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there is one thing that can take the fun out of a holiday it is the cost. The
price of accommodation can really sting especially after traveling to your
chosen destination has already cost you an arm and a leg. Advertisements for
vacation discounts are easy to find but more often than not, the savings are so
small that they are not worth it. If you have been searching for vacation
then this is a must read article.

really save on a holiday, you need the help of a company who can pack a punch
in negotiating truly great deals. Hotels Etc. is such a company.

have used a simple formula to take the bite out of holiday expenses and make it
possible to have fun without emptying your wallet. With their incredibly large
number of members they can send a lot of business to a hotel. In exchange, the
hotel offers them rates far below what they normally charge.

the years this hotel club has been working hard to build relationships with
many places offering accommodation worldwide. They have a definite advantage
when it comes to securing vacation discounts that really save their clients

etc. does not only make accommodation really cheaper but also the travel that
forms part of any holiday. They can get discounted rates on car hire or if you
want to take that cruise of a lifetime you can do so at a price that will make
you smile.

travel and accommodation are already the stuff holiday dreams are made of, but
that is not where the fun stops for members. Membership also gets you discounts
on meals, shopping and visits to tourist accommodation. In short, with a membership
card life becomes sweeter while on vacation.

all sounds good and well but are the savings really worthwhile? After all, if
you search and shop around on the Internet you will find a lot of places
offering discounts. The truth is that members of Hotels etc. laugh at these
so-called savings for the simple reason that they are used to saving a lot
more, sometimes up to 80%. Vacation is a time to spoil yourself. With the
Hotels etc. lifestyle members get used to being spoiled.

you plan to spend your holiday shopping or having some fun with activities such
as playing golf, doing scuba diving or exploring hiking trails as a member there
is a gold mine of savings waiting. At Hotels etc. saving is the name of the
game, and they are in a league of their own. Shops, restaurants, golf clubs, theme
parks, or theaters are all only too keen to accept their members and at all these
places the vacation discounts are significant. Visit

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March 12, 2019


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