April 15, 2019

Best Lodging Industry Entry to Millions of Deal Seekers

Hotels Etc.

Hotels Etc. Offers Lodging Industry Entry to Millions of Deal Seekers

Loganville, GA- Hotel owners abide by a simple rule of thumb, the more heads in beds, the more likely they are to turn a profit. The problem is, with the Great Recession continuing to linger, it has become increasingly harder to acquire more guests each night without overspending on advertising, or giving away the farm on one-off promotional deals.

Enter Hotels, Etc. a 15-year-old company specializing in offering private discounts on lodging, cruises, food, and retail to its ever-expanding membership base.

“We have entered the age of thrift, with record high food, gas, and airfare prices consumers are looking to save every chance they can, it’s not if they get a discount on a hotel, it’s which hotel gave them a discount,” explains Jack Mathieu of Hotels, Etc.

The company offers a simple, free, way for travel industry businesses to join the program via a short online form, fax, or email submission. The only caveat is that hotels must offer a discount greater than what is available to the public.

“As a private membership club we count on our 4,000+ partners in 140 countries to provide our members with a discount they can’t find anywhere else, this keeps the integrity of the program in tact, and allows for hotels to enjoy referral business that otherwise might have gone to a competitor,” notes Jack Mathieu of Hotels, Etc.

With over 4 million memberships sold since 1996 Hotels, Etc. is the largest private membership savings company of its kind. Each day new hotel partners are signing up to be part of the network.

Hotels can provide coupon codes, discount codes, links, or even printable paper coupons to members of the system.

“If your hotel is using any standard reservation system, how long would it take you to create a new coupon code off of the Best Rate Available to give our members, five minutes? It’s a no-brainer, and otherwise free to the hotel, so yes, we continue to remain optimistic about the growth of Hotels, Etc.,” says Jack Mathieu.

For more information about Hotels, Etc., and to add your hotel to their directory visit members.hotelsetc.com/add today.

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Hotels Etc.

April 15, 2019


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