April 7, 2021

Golfers Hit Hard By Price Hikes Turn To Hotels Etc. For Deep Discounts

Hotels Etc.

Golfers Hit Hard By Price Hikes Turn To Hotels Etc. For Deep Discounts

Loganville, GA/Dec. 6, 2007—Golfers are faced with more expensive greens fees every year at their favorite golf courses. High prices at the golf course can cause golf enthusiasts to cut back on their playing. Other golfers stick to the less expensive courses rather than frequenting their favorite locations.

Hotels Etc. has the answer to rising golf prices. Hotels Etc., offers a lifetime gold card travel membership. It comes at a very low price, and allows golfers to save up to 70% off greens fees around the country. Other golfing expenses, such as golf carts and lunch, may be covered at certain locations.

“We are excited to offer golfers a way to save money every time they play golf for the rest of their lives and we are adding new courses daily.” Vice President Todd Peterson says.

Golfers never need to worry that the Hotels Etc. card will not be honored when it is presented. All they need to do is to log onto the members-only database and find out what discount is offered by the course they whish to go to. They can even make a tee reservation through the members-only site. They will know upfront what price they will be paying.

By purchasing the Hotels Etc. card; golfers will get discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, restaurants, airfare, and more. The discounts will be available for life with no further membership fees. Fine hotels are available at up to 60% off. These savings extend to hotels in over 100 countries around the world, including all across the US.

Cruises can be purchased at up to 50% off from the major cruise lines, by using the Hotels Etc. card. Car rentals are offered at 25% off from many rental companies throughout the country. Hotels Etc., makes available many options for airfare, airfare and hotel packages, and airport parking discounts. The restaurant and entertainment deals Hotels etc. cardholders can get are unbelievable.

While golf prices continue to go up, it is nice to know that Hotels Etc. is taking care of golfers. When golf players use the Hotels Etc. card, there is no reason to play fewer games or settle for less than the very best.

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Hotels Etc.

April 7, 2021


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