April 22, 2021

Hotels Etc is the Deep Discount leader in Travel Industry

Hotels Etc.

The Deep Discount leader in Travel Industry

LOGANVILLE, GA/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 27, 2007 — With the recent purchase of Hotels Etc., Travel Membership Club announces a revolutionary new deep discount program for its Travel Club members. Effective immediately, major discounts apply on hotels, airfare, car rentals, cruises, restaurants, condo rentals, and other primary travel venues. For a one-time nominal fee, members enjoy lifetime membership valid 365 days a year, with absolutely no usage limitations. This amazing new travel discount program is a first of its kind for the travel industry.

Unlike other travel industry clubs – with blackout dates, renewal fees, and restrictions on when and where one can travel – membership in the Hotels Etc. Deep Discount Program is open to anyone, and there are no travel restrictions of any kind. Whether traveling one day a year or every day, travelers enjoy the same deep discounts on all travel expenses without blackout dates, minimum stays, minimum spending requirements. In fact, there are no limitations at all and no annual dues or renewal fees, ever.

When people become a member of Hotels Etc., they receive a membership ID card and access to the Web site’s restricted Members Only section – where users gain access to discount information on hotels, airlines, car rental companies and cruise lines. Typical discounts for hotels, for example, are 50 percent off.

Becoming a member couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Web site at https://hotelsetc.com and click “Join.” Visitors will be taken to the member registration page where there are daily sign-up bonuses. For less than the cost of a one-night stay in a motel, the public gains lifetime membership in the travel industry’s best travel discount club – Hotels Etc.

“We hope to add more then a million new lifetime memberships in the next year so we can continue to deepen the discounts in the travel industry and retail,” said Shawn Pigg, CEO, Hotels Etc.

With nearly three million members Hotels Etc. is the largest travel club in the world. To start saving thousands of dollars in travel expenses, everyone is invited to join at https://hotelsetc.com.

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April 22, 2021


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