April 4, 2019

Raise Funds with Hotels Etc New Annual Membership

Hotels Etc.

Raise Funds with Hotels Etc New Annual Membership

Hotels Etc recently kick-started its new fund raising program offering people to make use of a discount club annual membership plan. Through this program, people who want to raise funds for causes or any other non-profit organizations can generate funds year after year. This one-of-its-kind fund raising program helps people raise funds while benefiting people around them at the same time.

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Raising funds in traditional ways becomes frustrating and very tiring for people who either work for or support non-profit bodies and causes. Giving away wrappers or candies no longer works in raising a considerable amount of funds for any cause. Addressing the issue, Hotels Etc recently started its fundraising program through a unique discount club annual membership plan. With the help of this plan people can raise funds year after year while benefiting people around them.

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Through this program Hotels Etc also aims to bring great discounts on travel and entertainment to those who use the membership card. People who want to promote the plants of Hotels Etc can expect good incentives year after year. As per the company this fundraising program is a win-win situation for both consumers and the business owners.

Talking about the quality of products being offered by Hotels Etc, one of the senior spokespersons of the company stated – “You will feel good about offering a product that people can really use not just more chocolate or magazines. Our product offers members hundreds or even thousands of dollars in travel and entertainment discounts across the globe.

Elaborating more on the flexibility of the business and the kind of support offered through the fundraising program, the owner of the company was quoted as saying – “Our fundraiser works for groups of any size from a few people to hundreds, and can be completed within as little as 2 weeks. Simply promote our incredible membership program to your group and watch them sign up. Our representatives respect your time: fast answers, complete shipments and helpful service.

Apart from fund raising programs, the company also offers employee benefits, customer retention programs, and incentives through B2B business models.

About the Company

Hotels Etc offers a wide range of travel and entertainment related discounts through which the customers can save a good deal of money. The company was founded in 1996 and it currently offers business models that are profitable for both business owners and customers.
To know more about Hotels Etc, visit https://hotelsetc.com.

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April 4, 2019


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