April 2, 2020

Why you should become a member of Hotel Etc

Hotels Etc.

Do you want to save money while travelling or going
somewhere with your family? No matter where you are traveling for business and
pleasure, it will be always helpful if you can save a good amount of money. Cheap
hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, airfare tickets aren’t cheap these days
so travelers often face trouble; they tighten up their budget and as a result
they enjoy a lot less than they desire. Hotels Etc has the perfect solution for
you. If you become a member of our website then you will be able to access
exclusive discounts, savings and coupons from various well-known hotels,
restaurants, golf courses, cruise lines, theme parks and many more. The brief
overview is below:

hotels and resorts

*31,000 car
rental locations

movie theater screens


*12,000 golf

*All major
cruise lines

*All major
theme parks



homes and condominiums

and local discounts


*Sports and
other tickets

*Earn points for free vacations, flights, cruises and etc.
with our triple-dip program.

You can see that we have covered almost everything that a
traveler needs so the discount offers will defiantly help you out. If you want
an exclusive dinner with your family then you can use the discount or coupon
which has been offered from the nearest restaurant. So, the discount and other
exclusive offers will benefit you in many ways.

We are better than any other online discount providing
websites; beat public rates 9/10 times by up to 70%. We have the link with all
the major travel and entertainment related companies that offers discounts and these
are not available to the general public. Only members of Hotels Etc will have
the chance to take these outstanding discount offers. Other online discount
providers also give their member different offers but the rate we offer is much
more helpful. For example: If you want a booking in Hilton Garden Inn New
York-Central Park South, Expedia and Booking.com will offer you $419. But the
rate of Hotels Etc is only $256! You can save $163 if you make a booking from
us. How amazing is that?

Our discount offers are suitable for your family members as
well. So come and join us, become a proud member of Hotels Etc and get
exclusive discount offers from all the popular travel and entertainment
companies. Another great thing about these offers is most of the discount and
coupons are applicable globally. So no matter where your from, you will be able
to take advantage of these offers.

Membership will cost a lot less than your potential savings.
Then you will become a lifetime member of our website and redeem the discount
offers any time you want. In order to become a member, visit our website https://hotelsetc.com/membership


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April 2, 2020


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