About Us

About Hotels Etc

In the year 1996 Hotels Etc. was launched and Shawn Pigg became CEO in 2005 which unknowingly would grow into one of the largest and most sought after discount companies in America.

Located in Loganville, GA, we are a company that specializes in negotiating amazing deals for you in a diverse range of departments. Whether you want to take a solo business trip across the world or take your family and friends on a month-long vacation across the globe, we have something for you!

Notably, we have achieved the following:

  • Sold over 4 Million membership cards since 1996
  • Added more than 1,000,000 hotels and over 2,000,000 discounts
  • We are spread across 141 countries across the globe
  • And much, much more!

Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to simply negotiate the best deals for you so that you can enjoy life without breaking the bank!

It is that simple.

Our staff does all the work for you, and we place it all in one area such that you will have an easy time while looking around for those ‘hidden’ deals companies offer.

On our members’ area, you get to access amazing discounts not available anywhere else in areas such as travel, shopping discounts, hotels and accommodation and in our latest addition which is wellness and fitness among others.

What else does Hotels Etc. offer?

Travel Discounts

Do you want to travel more, see more of the world and have life changing experiences and create forever memories? Do you like to save money and pay less for your Hotel, Condo or Resort? Finally, here’s your only opportunity to effortlessly find deeper and better travel discounts!
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Cruise Discounts

Did you know that you can save up to 65% off published cruise prices plus additional benefits and bonuses? These are not available anywhere else. Click here to get more details and learn about our non-matched unique cruise discounts!

Entertainment Discounts

Saving on Entertainment has never been easier! Are you planning on going to the movies? Are you planning on visiting a theme park? Do you plan on eating at a restaurant? This is the deal for you...

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