Upgrade Your Card

Why should I have to upgrade my lifetime gold card?

From time to time, companies are forced to make internal decisions in order to maintain a certain business standard or quality. Hotels Etc. was purchased May 16, 2007, and with this purchase came to change. As Hotels Etc. began to change, we began to grow. As we began to grow, we had to upgrade our entire systems in order to collect and control a larger discount database.

Your cost for your membership upgrade is just $19.95 which includes shipping and handling for US based customers.

This is NOT a renewal fee. It is an upgrade fee to get you registered into our new system, with a new membership card. If we collected annual fees from you, then this fee would not be passed onto you.

Memberships that require upgrade:

If your Hotels Etc. membership contains the following numbers:

9135575, 1K91357, 9135775, 913510, 91357SP, G91357, 913577, 913573, 913574, 91354, Life-Time

You will NEED to upgrade your membership in order to access the new Hotels Etc. members’ website. Please read the rest of this page and follow the instructions on obtaining a New Lifetime Membership.
*If you do not have one of these numbers and having issues activating because your card does not have a CSV Number (located on the back of the membership). Please enter 000 for silver memberships and enter 555 for gold membership during activation.

What is required by me to upgrade?

1. In order to upgrade your card, click on the Buy Now button below.

2. You must mail your old membership card back to Hotels Etc. so that we can verify the membership status and destroy the old card.

3. Once we receive the old membership and verify it we will mail you a new Lifetime Membership with tracking.

Please mail your membership to the following address:

ATT: Upgrade
Hotels Etc., Inc.
910 Athens Hwy Suite K-214
Loganville, Georgia 30052

Only when we receive the old membership, verify and receive payment then we will ship a New Lifetime Membership.

Please do not call the office regarding this policy as we are unable to change it.

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