Private Label Program

So, Is Private Label Right For you?


A private label is an attractive business model where the concept or product is created, managed and serviced by the mother company and availed to you for promotion and marketing. This means that you just pick the proven concept or product, even with limited resources and just send customers and rake in your profits…

Is our Private Label Travel Program right for you?

Since 1996, Hotels Etc has handled over 4 million customers. As a global travel discount provider, we are giving you an opportunity to work with us in a steadily growing industry forecasted to be worth over $550 billion annually. You have an opportunity to work with us and instantly get into a proven business model that has been used by thousands of people and companies.

You can use our unmatched discounts to:

1. Provide employee incentives (by giving them cheaper hotel and ticket prices)

2. Start your own membership club

Watch & Learn About Our Private Label Program

Features of Our Private Label Program Include:


Clear Guidance + Instructions

Our staff can give you any necessary assistance, instruct and guide you during the installation process. They are experts at what they do.

A Website

We will supply you with an API to install within your closed user group website. Your website, your system. Choices are endless.


Exclusive White Label Platforms

Every business has different needs. Select from several different white label platforms to help you reach your goals and vision.

Exclusive Benefits

We negotiate and manage every discount personally. Your network will receive access to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts from around the globe.

Help With Marketing

Receive weekly email creatives to send out to your network to increase sign ups, conversions or to send out regular updated emails with great offers.

Great Prices

We offer several different pricing options depending on which system you selected. We have the lowest per member per month or per year fee on the market along with no set up fee.

Access Exclusive Wholesale Rates (off public)

While other public travel discount engines provide retail rates, we give you exclusive wholesale rates which our staff have negotiated. We understand there is competition and we want you to stand out, so we have created an unmatched deal for you.

Even better, we have outlets in over 140 countries ready to cover the most popular destinations, so you can sign up with confidence. Remember, our wholesale rates (sometimes over 80% off) are off public and only available to members.

So what exactly are we offering you?

  • A globally scalable product
  • An customer friendly interface
  • A fully functional, ready-to-launch white label business
  • A multi-language platform to cover all our 140 locations
  • Multi-payment processor

And here are some of the benefits of working with us

  • We have global coverage (Spanning over 141 countries)
  • Our deals are negotiated personally by our staff and not available anywhere else
  • Our rates are wholesale (not retail)
  • You can brand and customize the business as you like
  • We offer seasonal loyalty cards, coupons and more!

And here are some of the facilities/activities in our package:

  • Offer discounts to over 1,000,000 Hotels, resorts and condos globally
  • Offer discounts on rental properties, apartments, and home away inventory
  • Offer discounts on Theme parks, and Entertainment spots
  • Offer discounts on cruises, car rental, restaurants, golf, tours, attractions and more!
  •  Offer rewards points to help increase retention rates

(Remember our deals offer up to 70% off public rates)
So, what are your next steps?

To get started click here to fill out the form.

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Discounts of up to 70% off

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