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Saving On Entertainment
Has Never Been Easier.

If you are considering traveling to a city or even country to visit a theme park, watch a show, attend a concert or anything else you have in mind then let Hotels Etc. be your destination not just for the hotel, but for the entertainment as well. You can get upwards to 60% off on certain Theme Parks, shows, event and movie tickets and so much more.

We are guaranteed to have the best discounts on the BIGGEST names in theme parks which include Disneyland tickets and Disneyland Resort rentals, Disney World tickets, Six Flags tickets at each park location, Legoland, and

Universal Studios Orlando. With some parks have packages for multiple days which is perfect for an extended thrill-seeking family getaway! Even when inside the parks, our discounts could be used for savings on food, drink, or even merchandise from the stores.
We also have sporting event tickets ranging from the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and many more including major sporting events where typically we have inventory at discounted rates when most public sites sell out. We have individual team tickets as well as sports packages for specific teams across all leagues which gives you a wide variety to choose from. Hotels Etc. also partners with many different companies to give you discounts on first-class travel packages for major events as well as regular schedule matches in any sport, varying on time of year and schedule. If you live close to a stadium or a big city then you can also save big every time your family goes just by being a member.

Some of the best nights on vacation or even out locally are going to shows or even concerts with friends and family which is why Hotels Etc. has stockpiled countless deals on big and small shows across the globe. Our discounts range from shows on Broadway in New York City, the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil which is worldwide! We also include magic shows, live tv audience tickets as well as having countless concert ticket discounts for any artist or band that comes to a venue near you! In some major cities such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago or Washington D.C., Hotels Etc. even provides discounts on museums, escape rooms or art shows that are happening as well as lounges and some or studios. We also include Botanical Gardens such as the one in Staten Island, as well as scuba diving lessons all the way in Florida where you can get up to 25% off courses.

Hotels Etc. sells individual tickets to anything in cities across the country however, we also offer up to 50% off on our CityPass which includes a certain amount of attractions in major cities which can help your family do a lot of activities by being the most time and money efficient as possible. We also have discounts on places such as your local aquarium or zoo, Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, Gatorland, Lion Country Safari, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and more!

When your family is either out locally or out of town, if you want to grab some downtime or relax and catch the new big blockbuster that is out on the screens, Hotels Etc. has a wide range of incredible movie discounts from individual tickets to packages which includes drinks and snacks designed to save as much money as possible.

Hotels Etc. can help save you money not just on finding a place to sleep or on transportation, but also on the in-between entertaining parts of your family's trip.

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