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Guest Posting Opportunity

Are you a travel blogger or travel enthusiast? Do you want to offer a guest post and reach our members and visitors? Hotels Etc. accepts guest posts on two different sites. and

Because of the massive amount of guest posts requests that we receive daily we decided to put together a page to expedite each submission.

We are very particular about the guest posts that we publish and will outline our requirements below.           

  1. Your article must be of value and related to travel with actionable tips to engage the reader and bring them back for more.
  2. Your article must be unique to our site (if it has been or will be published on other sites we will not accept the article and or delete the article). We will use copyscape to make sure the article is not copied anywhere else on the internet.
  3. The type of articles that we prefer are how to tips, how to guides, Destination articles, vacation articles, or articles about travel, entertainment or recreation

 Guest Post Guidelines for Hotels Etc.       

  1. 800+ word articles organized in headers and sub headers
  2. Must have one or more images
  3. You can add only link in your article to. Wrap with square bracket []\
  4. Add other resource links if it makes the article better. Our editors can remove or change any resource link so be sure to wrap it in a square bracket []
  5. Best guest posts relate to travel, entertainment and recreation
  6. Articles must pass Copyscape
  7. Links must be relevant to the article
  8. Once payment is completed send article to
  9. Price and payment is not negotiable (don’t ask)
  10. Guest posts are not sponsored posts. If you want to do a sponsor post email for approval and details for publishing

 Payment Plans

 Standard guest posts on is $80. Click below to purchase:

Standard guest posts on is $30. Click below to purchase: 


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