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With the unprecedented times with COVID-19, safety is the top priority for every person as well as trying to save as much money as possible especially when incomes have been affected across the globe. Making decisions about traveling for your family has gotten harder in 2020 but that is why at Hotels Etc. we have tried to make it as effortlessly and effectively as possible so you can make that next memory of a lifetime.
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Whether you want to bring a tent and fall asleep under the stars in the Midwest, go rafting through the Grand Canyon, take an airboat ride in the Everglades, or even ski, Hotels Etc. is the place for all of that and much more of your recreational needs. Our recreation discounts serve every lifestyle and help give you discounts to enhance that vacation and make it an unforgettable one whether you already have plans or not, our site can fill that list.

As you travel across the country, Hotels Etc. can provide up to 50% off activities in cities such as Orlando, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and many more.

If you ever travel to California or nearby, a wine tour of their expansive and gorgeous Vineyards might be on your list and of course we have deals for that also with most tours being all-inclusive. If you are in San Francisco then tour the city including the infamous Alcatraz prison for less than $150! Los Angeles is known for celebrities so jump on a guided tour of the houses of those famous stars or if you are wanting to feel like a celebrity also then we have custom and personalized tours of the city.

Have you ever thought about flying over the Vegas Strip in a helicopter at night? Or even tour the Emerald Cave on Colorado River in a kayak? With the helicopter tour only being $83 and the kayak tour $119 for 5 hours, Hotels Etc is definitely the place to make dreams come true !!

Down South in the Florida Everglades, we have airboat tours as well as guided kayak tours including boat rides to see manatees and other wildlife. Save money today on deep-sea fishing adventures on coast cities nationwide!

In addition to our great activities, skiing, and snowboarding discounts are paired with hundreds of resorts so you can strap on the skis and save money!

Get your passports ready !! As well as our domestic discounts, we include international deals in countries all across the world just so you can start checking items off that bucket list.

Coastal city skyline with buildings and blue ocean
Such as Las Cabos, Mexico where you can get ATV rentals on the beach for as low as $50, even go ziplining through the gorgeous forests for $87, and even a Camel Outback Adventure for $91.

Even if you are feeling super adventurous we include places such as Maramis, Turkey where you can go scuba diving for as low as $12, or a Jeep Safari and Boat Trip from Cleopatra Island for $42! That is only a couple of the hundreds of discounts we have just in Marmaris.

The greatest thing about Hotels Etc. is that you do not have to be on vacation to enjoy these savings! Once you get a membership, if you and your family live near cities that we have discounts in then you can save money on any weekend adventure or activity. If you live near local state parks, rivers or lakes, want to show the extended family around on tours, or even if you are looking for something to do for the day, Hotels Etc. is the place for you.

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