Why Should You Join Hotels Etc.

Watch this short video to see why you should join Hotels Etc Inc

Joining Hotels Etc. is one of the best money savings decisions you can make!

Hotels Etc. is a private membership club which allows worldwide businesses the opportunity to offer significant discounts to our company exclusively. Over the past few years, we have been helping vacationers like you to have the best times, stay at top resorts and hotels, enjoy time with family and friends saving hundreds of dollars to take advantage of the internet’s lowest rates.

And for the first time, we’ve put together a very special, limited time offer just for you…a unique membership acquisition service that can double or even triple your income as you book the best services for yourself, your family and your friends.

But before I tell you more about Hotels Etc membership service, let me ask you a question:
Have You Ever Wondered How The Average Income Earners Take Vacations With Their Partner And Children to Luxurious Places, Making Memories While You Stay Home Binge Watching Reruns?

The truth is, everyone is having a hard time saving money because hotels and other travel providers have been scaling back promotional incentives and publicly available discounts for years…

But every year, a steady stream of new couples and families travel to their favorite locations and spend quality time at luxurious properties, and before you know it, the businesses have already increased their rates.


Luckily we have a solution.

What we’ve done is look for a way for you to take that fun-filled luxury vacation.

We’ve Come Up With A 100% Effective Solution That Saves You Up To 80% Off The Public Price While Giving You A First Class World Vacation With Your Partner And Family.

Our program is very simple to use and it’s very easy to save thousands of dollars per year even on a single trip.
Our booking engines are just as secure and easy to use as the other online booking sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, etc.



The only difference between Hotels Etc. and the other online booking websites is that we supply discounted rates to ONLY our members.

The other large booking engines are not permitted to use these exclusive rates because their discounts are available to the public which would be breaking the rate parity rule.
The rate parity clause also prevents them from offering rates as low as Hotels Etc.
Rate parity requires that all distribution channels such as Expedia, Orbits, Hot wire, and others. maintain a consistent rate for the same product regardless of how much commission is involved. It preserves the public booking sites as well as prevents hotels the chance to favor one over another. The rate parity also protects the hotels them self by maintaining and evaluating their relationships with its partners directly.

Our Unique Business Proposition

Because Hotels Etc. is a closed loop (membership) program, we are allowed to secure significant discounts that other companies are unable to secure!

We are able to offer members of our network wholesale and net rates without adding the 10%, 20%, or 40% commissions on to the discounted rates like the other public booking sites.
The public sites are racking in billions of dollars per year by adding large commissions to each booking. This is why they can afford to spend billions a year in advertising! We rely on membership renewals to fuel Hotels Etc. and in return supply members with the lowest possible rates .Hotels Etc. does not build unnecessary commissions into the savings, we pass the savings directly on to our members. We also do not spend millions of dollars on advertising. Instead, Hotels Etc. invests those funds into securing better, deeper discounts for our clients to ensure their members are happy and renew their memberships. By conducting business in this manner we are able to focus our attention on membership sales, customer satisfaction, renewals and, customer service.
Hotels Etc. maintains an impeccable record with the BBB, Rip off Report, Chamber of Commerce and all government reporting agencies and review sites because we under promise and over deliver to every one of our members.

So, regardless if you are a member or if you use our program for Fundraising, Incentives, Membership Enhancements, Employee Benefits or a reseller you can rest assure that you will only be dealing with the best of the best when it comes to discounts.

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