April 22, 2019

5 tips on how to get the best hotel discounts

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5 Tips on How to Get the Best Hotel Discounts


Do you want to know how you can get best hotel discounts?
Are you going on a family trip? Or maybe you want to find a nice hotel for you
and your wife, so you two can celebrate your anniversary? It does not matter
how are you traveling or with who, but we are sure you want it to be special.
We all know that “special” hotels can be very expensive. But, there is
solution! You can get a discount! And this is where we come in! We will show
you 5 tips on how to get the best hotel discounts! So let’s begin!


3 Tips for Best Hotel


1. Become our member


First thing you should do is to join our membership program!
It is a great and simple way to get great offers right now! Our membership
program has more than 2000 private listings, over 1000000 offline and online
discounts and most importantly huge database of hotel discounts! Just what you
need! Save yourself days of surfing on the internet and looking for discounts.
Did you know that 93% percent of discounts on the internet is already expired?
This is where we come in! We have only fresh discounts for best hotels in the
world! Join now and you won’t regret it !


2. Negotiate


One more thing that people are uncomfortable doing! Let me
ask you this:  would you rather be
uncomfortable for few minutes and get a discount that can save you hundreds of
dollars, or do you want to spend few hundred dollars more and stay in your
comfort zone? I would say that you want to save money, this is the reason why
you are here, isn’t it? So rule number one is: get out of your comfort zone! It
will save you money, and you will live more quality life if you follow this
rule in your day to day living.


4. Travel in


One thing you could do is travel in offseason! This is not
as bad as it sounds! Many people actually say that this is the only way that
they travel! So what are benefits of traveling in offseason?


Top 3 benefits of traveling in offseason:


1. Save money!

2. Less Tourists!

3. More privacy!


5. Just ask!


This is the thing that so many people are afraid to do! They
will look online for discounts for weeks, and look for every newspaper for
coupons, but they don’t want to simply ask! It goes like this. You found a
hotel that you want to go to? Cool! It is little pricey? No problem! Pick up a
phone, or even better, sit in your car and go there! March in and say: “Hello!
I would like to spend a beautiful weekend with my wife in your hotel, do you
offer any discounts?” Easy as that! Do you know that 90% of people will say
yes? Don’t be afraid, it is all in your head! The thing you should remember is
you will not receive as big of a discount as you do with Hotels Etc..


Our membership club allows you to save 365 days per year
with just a click of the mouse.


That’s it! Hope you found our tips helpful! We want you to
have a great time wherever you travel and don’t forget, take a look at our membership program!


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April 22, 2019


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