January 5, 2021

Best Employee Travel Benefits

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Best Employee Travel

How would you like to work in the travel industry-and for an
employer people love having for a boss? You probably spend hours scouring the
web for cheap flights, great accommodations, go-to restaurants and must see
attractions. But how about being in the business of providing those things?
Even if you only want to have an enjoyable vacation, it’s important to consider
which airlines, hotels, and travel agencies have the most satisfied employees.
Why you ask? Employee sentiment of those working in the travel industry can
affect a traveler’s experience before, during, and even after their vacation.
If you have a good experience as an employee, chances are you are more likely
to create a good experience for your customers.

An increasing number of individuals believe that they should
take a vacation and getaway more seriously, especially since an influx of
stress in the workplace has been strongly felt in light of the worldwide
economic downfall. It’s a good thing that this opposing group offers less
expensive trip options to the avail of courtesy coupons and discounted online
travel deals.

  Everyone benefits
from some time away. Rewarding your staff with a travel experience will help to
relieve stress, boost confidence, and reignite their creativity. A short break
can do wonders for the soul, and your business by extension. Studies suggest
that happy employees are mentally and physically healthier, and take fewer sick
days as a result. This comes back to the sense of appreciation and the personal
benefits of corporate rewards. Fewer sick days will save your company a great
deal of money each year.

Cold hard cash is one of the most common, and according to
statistics, least effective ways to reward employees. The money is often
treated as part of a salary, and is spent on bills and household items. In
contrast, an enticing travel experience is proven to inspire and motivate
employees. In addition, the memory of a fantastic trip will last much longer
than a cash bonus, fostering feelings of gratitude towards the company. The
thrilling adventures and shared experiences of a fantastic trip will hone and
develop team dynamics. It will also allow management and colleagues to build
stronger relationships, and offers an informal forum for honest discussion
about the company.

Traveling is the best kind of education. It helps grow the
level of wisdom in an individual. When we travel, we receive the opportunity of
meeting and understanding people from all walks of life, learning extra
fundamentals and ideas and sharing your own along the way. Many people become
frustrated because they are stuck in one place for years and never grasp the
chance to explore this beautiful planet. Their thinking becomes increasingly
narrow, relating to the old parable of a frog in a well.

According to the Harvard business review, Money is the most
expensive way to reward employees. Travel incentives can be more cost-effective
and offer greater value in terms of benefits focused towards staff and

Traveling even inside your own country can be very
beneficial. Some parts of your country could be rich with backwaters, lush
green landscapes, soaring mountain ranges, sprawling oceans or deserts, or
enormous vineyards or orchards. There is a huge difference in theoretical
knowledge and practical knowledge. This heavily applies to travelling. It’s
much different reading about a destination in a book versus creating your own
opinions and experiences about that destination. Life experiences will always
be more fulfilling then what you read from a page in a book.

  Everyone loves to
travel, but many simply can’t afford to. That’s why it’s nice when a company
offers a program for discount travel. Employee discount travel is part of a
growing trend that allows anyone who is employed at a company who participates
in the employee discount travel program to go on an affordable and enjoyable
trip as an individual or with the family.

Some companies offer a unique benefit to employers through
their human resource administrators. Employee travel benefit program provides
employees access to first class tours at reduced prices. Our clients offer this
benefit to their employees in the same way they offer vacation time, insurance
or any other standard benefit. The key to this benefit is that there is
absolutely no cost to the employer. With a minimum amount of effort, you can
offer this unique benefit program to your current employees and perhaps more
importantly to prospective employees. Something as unique as a Travel Program
can put your company way ahead of the curve in the acquisition of quality

Employee discount travel is a part of the fringe benefits
that are offered to employees by their company. A company works with different
travel agencies and gets special deals in return that employees can benefit
from. In other words, if a company handles all corporate travel through a
certain agency, in return, the travel agency will give certain discounts to
that company’s employees. If you actually work for a travel agency, the benefits
of employee discount travel are even greater. In this case, the company may
even reimburse the expenses related to travel borne by the employee like hotel
accommodation, food and intercity travel. Many companies also reimburse the
cost of international calls made by the employee to clients on the trip for
official purposes. If the employee is on a long travel program, companies are
ready to provide that employee with discount coupons to supermarkets and
eateries that would make travel more economical. Do not forget the contribution
and the policies of airline and railway industries that offer their employee
and their family members free air and rail tickets to travel anywhere in the
world. Moreover, the railway and airline employees are offered first class
tickets not only for them, but also on their dependent family members.

To help the company provide employee discount travel
facilities, there is a large list companies that can serve as agents, one of
the more experienced and longer running programs being Hotels ETC. They
carefully select those companies that would like to forward discounts and
travel related services and gain trust and encourage high moral in their

So in regression, A benefit program focused on saving
employees large amounts of the money that they work hard for as your company’s
affiliate will ultimately boost productivity as whole, providing more opportunities
for the company’s and the employee’s positive financial acceleration.


 To learn more about the best employee travel benefit programs visit https://members.hotelsetc.com/blog/best-employee-travel-benefits 

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