April 15, 2019

Booking your discounted vacation

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Booking Your Vacation: Why Getting Away is Good for Your Brain and Body

Thinking about skipping your vacation this year? Well, think again. Official studies show that people who take vacations regularly are up to eight times less likely to suffer from depression, and are far more likely to be physically healthy, with the risk of conditions such as heart disease decreasing by as much as 50%. In particular, men who avoid taking time off work to enjoy a vacation are over 30% more likely to die from a heart attack. So why is it, despite these startling (and hard-hitting) facts, individuals across the US are still going without when it comes to getting away? Statistics show that the vast majority of US citizens are not using up all the vacation days owing to them; partly out of fear of losing their job, but also, due to a sense of ‘responsibility’ of letting the team down in their absence. However, as Joe Robinson, a consultant with Optimal Performance Strategies comments: “We are just like cellphones and iPads — we have to be recharged on a regular basis”. So, what health benefits can you expect from taking time off, and how can you find the best vacation to suit your needs?

The Health Benefits of Taking a Well Earned Break

There are a number of health benefits to enjoying a vacation and taking some time off from work. The most obvious, of course, is the process of relaxing; of taking a break from the stress of everyday life and enjoying some proper ‘you’ time. The lifestyle of stress, which regrettably, has become very much the standard for many US citizens, is a lifestyle that comes with considerable health risks; such as increased risk of heart attack, and mental issues, such as anxiety and depression. A break in the cycle of stress, no matter how small, can often be just the thing to regenerate and revitalize; lowering the blood pressure and easing the mind from the continual pressure of worrying. However, there are other, less obvious benefits that are no less significant. Often, psychologists will advise a change of scenery as a natural, non-medicated solution for those suffering from clinical depression, and there are many recognized psychological conditions, such as ADHD, that can be greatly helped by offering ‘fresh’ activities that stimulate and offer variety from the daily routine. For those who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder, vacations in the sun can be exceedingly beneficial, and insomniacs often report increased quality of sleep after spending some time away from the stress of their everyday lives.

Finding the Perfect Location to Benefit Your Health

Thanks to reputable online vacation companies, discovering a vacation that suits your needs perfectly need no longer be a chore. Take time to consider what sort of break is going to reap maximum benefits for you and your family. If the main priority is taking the time to reconnect with the kids, consider booking a vacation in a place that is family orientated and offers a wide range of activities for all the family to enjoy and to help with bonding. If relaxation and enjoying a complete mental break is important, then beach or forest locations are excellent; as studies show that immersion in beautiful natural scenery aids relaxation most effectively. However, recognize your personality. For some people, the idea of luxuriating on a sandy beach has little appeal, in which case, you may want to consider booking a more active break, which offers activities such as skiing or water-sports to keep the mind occupied, whilst also providing a welcome distraction from thoughts of work. Taking the time to research the market thoroughly not only ensures that you discover the perfect vacation, but also guarantees that you discover the best prices too.

How to Book?

More often than not, those looking for a vacation that eases their stress will turn to the Internet to make their booking. After all, the simplicity and hassle-free nature of searching online works well with those who lead busy lives! Find a reputable vacation company; particularly one which offers membership and exclusive discounts; as this can help save money when booking. Once you’ve booked, sit back and relax and look forward to that vacation in the sun; after all, you’ve worked hard for it, and you deserve it!?

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April 15, 2019


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