April 25, 2019

Entertainment.com files bankruptcy

Hotels Etc.
Did you hear the news? Entertainment.com filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy and closed the doors?
Wow, what shocking news but good for other businesses. You may not know this but Entertainment.com supplies thousands of schools with fundraisers and now Entertainment.com files bankruptcy.
Over 500 employees were sent home yesterday and the main office in Troy, Michigan was closed down for good. Typically a Chapter 7 means the company will not maintain operations and are closing the doors.
Apparently the investor and the person running the company got into a dispute and decided yesterday to file bankruptcy.
Great news is we have you covered. Hotels Etc. offers a great fundraising program that will be sure to reach your expectations.
To learn more about Entertainment bankruptcy and how to find a fundraising product go to https://hotelsetc.com/fundraiser
Entertainment closes the doors forever and leaves thousands of companies without a fundraiser.

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April 25, 2019


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