May 28, 2019

How to get hotel discounts

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Travelers start searching the internet for the best deals on rooms as the
holidays near. Lodging rates vary widely depending on the location and the
details of the package. Ordinarily, the rates of rooms can range from $45 to
$200 per night. Whatever the case may be, it makes a lot of sense to save a few
dollars, especially for those who are traveling as a group or are planning to
extend their stay. Below are some tips for getting hotel discounts when
planning for a holiday.

1. Proper Timing

Best deals are usually seasonal, so good timing is the best weapon for
targeting the right deals. There are online tools that offer predictions on how
prices are expected to differ over a period of time. With this Knowledge, you
can plan ahead and get a room when the prices are most affordable. Another
thing is checking in when the day is coming to an end when hotels have a better
sense of occupancy. During such times, it’s likely that they will offer more
reasonable rates.

2. Paying For a Package

Travelers should try bundling their room and flight booking to take
advantage of reduced rates Instead of just paying for a room alone. It is
possible to get a discounted rate on both the room and flight. There are companies
who also include various services in the package, like tour services, which saves
more for the traveler.

3. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can be signed for those who have favorite hotels. Take for
example; there are hotels who offer best rates whenever a traveler checks in,
free Wi-Fi on all trips and entry into exclusive events. Some hotel services
also offer free night or free items with certain reservations. Some third-party
booking sites also give loyalty programs to their regular customers.

Using Price Alert Tools

Travelers who don’t have time to go online and search for the best hotel
discounts can sign up an online service that sends alerts when prices go down.
Free tools are also available that offer maps to reveal areas where rates are
declining or increasing. For those who are not set on a particular decision and
are still planning their trip, this comes in handy.

5. Look at Customer Reviews

When you have made of your mind on
where you would like to lodge it is good to have a look at reviews by clients
who have stayed there. When you take a look at reviews, take note of the ratio
of good to bad feed-backs. If the reviews are just one or two it is most likely
a customer who just had a bad day and needed to put the blame on someone.? But then, if there are many bad reviews or
good reviews, take that into consideration when you make your booking.

6. Travel Groups

A simple logic to use is to book rooms or travel as a group. People who
book as a group tend to have lower rates offers by Hotels. Special events, such
as birthdays, anniversaries, or honeymoon, it will do no harm to mention it to
the hotel. Some places have programs in which members can refer others and earn
points that they can use to cut down the rates on their next stay.

7. Hotel Membership Clubs

With the ever changing economy and laws that regulate hotels and booking
engines, membership clubs have started to make a big impact on helping
travelers save money. Most consumers are unaware of parity rates which regulate
OTA’s (Online travel agents like Expedia) and hoteliers (hotel owners)
reservation costs. The parity rates require everyone to sell inventory for the
same price across the board. The only was a traveler can get a true hotel or travel discounts is to be
part of a membership club.

Early planning is important to get the best hotel discounts, especially
during the holidays or seasons when weddings are common. Travelers should give
adequate time to search for deals or make a direct call when necessary, however
joining a membership club allows you to make advance or last minute reservations
at a deeply discounted rate.

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May 28, 2019


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